Is Kratom Legal in Florida in 2023?


28 Sep, 20220

Is Kratom Legal in Florida in 2023?

Florida is the “Sunshine State” for its 230 days of consistent sun. But the state isn’t consistent regarding the natural herb, Kratom. Over the years, Florida and Kratom have had quite a tumultuous relationship. The state attempted to ban it on many occasions. So is Kratom legal in Florida in 2023? The answer is yes — and no. Read on to find out more.

  • Is Kratom legal in Florida?
  • Classification of Kratom in Florida
  • Where can I buy Kratom in Florida?
  • Advocacy for Kratom in Florida
  • The Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) 

Is Kratom legal in Florida?

Kratom is legal in most of Florida, with more than 20 million people and the third largest populated state in the nation. However, several counties have challenged Kratom’s legality in the past few years. For example, in January 2014, the county of Sarasota, with a population of 60,000, passed a county ordinance making Kratom illegal to possess, purchase, consume and distribute. In addition, the county classified Kratom as a designer drug and categorized it with synthetic drugs such as “spice” and bath salts. As a result, possession of Kratom in Sarasota is illegal, punishable by up to 60 days in jail and a fine of up to $500.

Other Florida counties have attempted to ban Kratom, including Broward, Palm Beach, and Sarasota. Only Sarasota County successfully passed an ordinance banning Kratom. Many of the commissioners stated that there was a need for more research before moving forward with a ban on Kratom.

The American Kratom Association retains a lobbyist in Florida. It expects to file the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (see below) in the next legislative session. In 2017, House Bill 183 and Senate Bill 424 were proposed to ban Kratom. Fortunately, thanks to the arduous work of Kratom advocates, these bills died in committee. The same was true in 2016 when two proposed bans (HB73 and SB11) did not pass and died in committee. 

Classification of Kratom in Florida

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a tropical tree with a long history of traditional and ceremonial uses in Africa and Southeast Asia. The tree is indigenous to tropical and subtropical regions of Southeast Asia. Traditionally in these parts of the world, the leaves are chewed or consumed as a powder to help reduce fatigue, particularly by manual laborers. It is also used culturally by individuals whose religious practices prohibit alcohol consumption.

Kratom is without classification in the state of Florida and therefore remains legal. However, it is not protected by any law and, therefore, can be challenged by the whim of any state legislator.

Where can I buy Kratom in Florida?

It is legal to consume, purchase or sell Kratom everywhere in Florida except in the county of Sarasota. Numerous brick-and-mortar shops sell Kratom throughout Florida. 

However, because there is no federal regulation of  Kratom, more and more people purchase Kratom products from online vendors. Generally, good online vendors guarantee freshness and unadulterated quality, offering better product choices and more competitive pricing.

Many look to the larger, more established online Kratom companies that have earned top reviews due to their longstanding commitment to quality Kratom products. Kingdom Kratom, based in San Antonio, Texas, since 2017, has more than 1000 five-star reviews — a testament to their passion for Kratom. They offer fast delivery, a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, and a sales team available by phone or chat to guide your purchase. Try their new sample packs of unique blends.

Advocacy for Kratom in Florida

The American Kratom Association (AKA) is a non-profit advocacy group established in 2014, committed to preserving and protecting the freedom of Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa. It advocates for continued regulation to ensure Kratom quality and also for increased research on the benefits of Kratom. The AKA continues to work tirelessly to have Kratom legal in every state, including Florida. You can help in that effort by joining the AKA as a “protector” of Kratom. You’ll then receive notification of any changes to laws and any advocacy needed. Join the email list here.

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA)

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KPCA) is legislation the American Kratom Association introduced that encourages advocacy for Kratom education and research. In addition, it sets legal guidelines for the industry regarding labeling, ingredients, and age restrictions. The Act prohibits the sale of adulterated or misbranded Kratom. The KCPA would also create a voluntary certification program for Kratom retailers and manufacturers. 

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act is under consideration in more than 20 states, says a spokesperson for the American Kratom Association. The organization hopes that Florida will join the eight other states where versions of the legislation have passed as of 2023. The KPCA has passed in Utah, Georgia, Arizona, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, Missouri and Oklahoma.

To see if Kratom is currently legal in your state, please check out this interactive Kratom legality map.





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