We understand that the fastest way to grow will be through our biggest supporters spreading the word.

If you feel like we offer amazing products at great prices and want to help make that know, we want to thank you for it! Become an affiliate and every single person you refer in gets you paid!

We offer an amazing 20% referral fee on every dollar that you bring in! All you have to do is have them click your link and every purchase will be tracked to you, and every time your balance accumulates above $100, we will cash you out. If you prefer to take store credit, you will get a 50% bonus referral fee on top!

Go to the following link and enter in your info to get your individual link that will tie that user and track them to your affiliate account. We offer full transparency so you can see just how many of your referrals convert.

Sign up here

After that point, every person that follows your link and purchases anything from our store, you will receive 20%.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us! Email mike@kingdomkratom.com

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