Kratom and Caffeine

Ninety percent of Americans consume caffeine every single day and more than half of them consume an average of 300 milligrams in one day. These numbers make caffeine America’s most popular drug. You probably won’t be surprised that the most common form of caffeine that Americans are consuming is coffee, which makes up over half of the total number of caffeine consumed. In recent years many caffeine consumers have discovered Kratom as either an alternative to their choice of caffeine or an addition to it. Let’s compare the two and check out if one is better than the other and if it is safe to combine the two. 

What is Kratom? 

Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa is a tropical evergreen tree of the Rubiaceae of the coffee plant family. So right off the bat, you can see that there are going to be similarities between Kratom and America’s number one choice for caffeine. Kratom is native to Southeast Asia and has been used for centuries by labor workers as an aid for energy and motivation as well as for medicinal purposes. It is the leaves of the Kratom tree that contain the powerful alkaloids Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine which are responsible for all of the amazing benefits that Kratom is said to provide. These benefits include but are not limited to increased energy, an analgesic effect, improved focus, an overall sense of well-being, stress relief, improved sleep quality, increased happiness and euphoria. 

All About Caffeine 

Caffeine is a bitter white powder that is derived from a natural insecticide found in several plants. The most popular plant being the coffee plant which is native to Ethiopia. Caffeine’s benefits include improved memory, decreased fatigue and appetite and an improvement in your mental functioning. Caffeine is the most commonly used stimulant in the world, but just like with anything else you can build up a tolerance to it and so people are often looking for alternatives to their caffeine source. Kratom is quickly becoming a very popular alternative and due to its stellar benefit profile, and a lot of people are switching over to and not even looking back. But some are combining the two or alternating between them. The question is is it safe to consume caffeine and Kratom at the same time? 

Best Kratom Strains to Use as a Replacement for Caffeine

In the case that you have been consuming caffeine for some time now and are looking to replace it with Kratom, here are the top Kratom strains to try:

Consuming Kratom and Caffeine Together

The truth here is that while some people consume Kratom and Caffeine together seamlessly, it depends on the person as well as the Kratom strain you are consuming. Some Kratom strains are more stimulating than others so it’s important to remember that too much of a good thing is just simply not a good thing. So if you are looking to add Kratom to your caffeine source or add caffeine to your Kratom then it’s important to pick the right strain. Here are the best Kratom strains to use:

These are all the best choices for combining with your morning cup of joe simply because they are what are considered to be medium strains of Kratom. Not too stimulating and not too sedating so they should all compliment your caffeine source very well. 

Mixing Up Your Energy Sources

Another popular method when you want both caffeine and Kratom in your life is to alternate between the two. In this case, it is okay to use more stimulating strains of Kratom such as White Samarinda, Green Maeng Da, or White Malay. This method of switching back and forth allows you to keep from building up a tolerance to either one. 

We hope this has helped you to understand everything you need to know about Kratom and caffeine. At Kingdom Kratom, all of our products are sourced from within Indonesia and from verified farmers with whom we have worked to build strong relationships over the years. All of our products are tested and packed here in the United States. Our team here at Kingdom Kratom or Kratom experts and are happy to field questions from newcomers and devotees alike. If you have any questions about consuming Kratom and caffeine please do not hesitate to ask! Plus we offer sample packs that allow you to try out new Kratom strains.

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    I absolutely really enjoyed White Samarinda. It put me in a pleasant mood didn’t give me super woman powers like the White Maeng Da but it did wake me up. I haven’t tried Kingdoms white Maeng Da yet but I just ordered it. So I’ll see.. So far I’ve enjoyed Kingdom Kratom more than other Kratom vendors. Thanks Kingdom Kratom

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