What is the Strongest Kratom You Can Buy?


9 Apr, 20200

What is the Strongest Kratom You Can Buy?

Many of our fans enjoy experimenting with different varieties, veins, and strains of kratom. Perhaps unsurprisingly, we get a lot of questions about which kratom strains are the “best” or “strongest.” So what is the strongest kratom you can buy? The answer is, unfortunately, a bit complicated. Since kratom is a product with many different applications, people take kratom for a number of different reasons. Some may enjoy kratom for its supposed energy-boosting effects. Others may want to try kratom because of its potential to act as a pain-reliever or mood-enhancer. With all that in mind, here we’ll try and explain kratom “strength” and how you can find the right product for your needs: 

Alkaloid Content

When it comes to kratom potency, alkaloid content is the name of the game. Kratom contains two different alkaloids –– mitragynine 7-hydroxymitragynine. These alkaloids are the “active agents” in kratom products. In other words, they likely cause the effects kratom produces. Given that fact, kratom products with higher alkaloid concentrations tend to be more powerful than other strains or veins. Several key factors influence alkaloid content, such as: 

  • The age of the kratom plant and the maturity of the leaf. 
  • The size and shape of the leaf. A few examples: “super” and “elephant” kratom strains get their names from the oversized nature of their leaves. “Horned” kratom comes from leaves with lots of small ridges on them. 
  • The individual strain in question. 

Fast vs Slow Kratom

Of course, alkaloid content is just one part of the equation; alkaloid distribution is also important. Kratom products with more mitragynine may be more effective at reducing pain or relieving anxiety. On the other hand, kratom products with more 7-hydroxymitragynine are more often used to boost focus and increase energy. This means that different kratom strains can produce significantly different results. To use an extreme instance, chocolate kratom, which is a fermented form of red kratom, may be used as a sleep aid and has been said to help with anxiety. Conversely, white samarinda is said to be so “fast” that weightlifters use it as a form of pre-workout. In many ways, determining the strongest kratom depends on what the individual user wants from the experience. 

Popular Strong Kratom Strains

Given all the reasons we’ve outlined above, new fans of kratom may be a little confused about finding a strong kratom strain. Though we can’t definitively say which kratom strain is the strongest of them all, these choices are both strong and very popular: 

  • Any Maeng Da –– This is perhaps the most prevalent and popular kratom strain available. Maeng Da translates to “pimp grade” and farmers tend to designate their best kratom leaves as “maeng da” regardless of their vein. On the plus side, this means Maeng Da comes in green, red, and white variations.
  • Super Red Borneo –– Said to be perfect for people wanting to reduce pain. Though this is a powerful strain, it’s also known for not producing certain negative side effects like nausea. 
  • White Samarinda –– Plain and simple, if you’re looking for kratom that will pack a punch, then this strain is for you. 


At Kingdom Kratom, we have a wide selection of many different kratom strains, veins, and varieties. Browse our products here, or, to get more information on kratom, contact one of our team members. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you make an order you’ll be sure to love.

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