Kratom Leaf Color Guide – What are they and what do they mean?


5 Jan, 20203

Kratom Leaf Color Guide – What are they and what do they mean?

Kratom Leaf Color Guide

The most common way to categorize Kratom is with the “color” of the leaf Vein. This literally means the color of the stem on the Kratom leaf. The three main colors are Red, Green and White. This color can be augmented by the maturity of the leaf as well as different drying methods. Red leaves tend to take the longest to mature, while Green is in between and White is the shortest. There are some variations on these three main colors, as there are Yellow’s and Golds, which are differently dried White and Red Strains.

Where Is Kratom Grown?

Almost all Kratom is grown in Indonesia, when reading about Kratom strains that are available, you will consistently see different names along with the color that are a reference to where the Kratom is grown. Some like Borneo, Sumatra, Hulu Kapuas and Samarinda are actually accurate, while some like Bali are actually not true (Kratom is not really grown in Bali).

Types Of Kratom

The most common type of Kratom you will see in America is called “Maeng Da”. This translates to “Pimp” in Thai, and this grew to actually mean “pimp grade” in the industry. This is actually not a specific separate strain, but really just what the farmers tend to call their strongest or best strains. A lot of times Maeng da is a blend made by the farmer.

Horned Kratom actually refers to the shape of the leaf itself. It has little horns surrounding the entire leaf, rather than the typical smooth edges. I have personally found Horned leaf Kratom to be very strong, but that depends on the farmer and the region. 

 Horned Leaf Kratom Compared to a normal Leaf

Yellow and Gold Kratom

Most people don’t actually understand how Yellow and Gold Strains are made. There are rumors that it is a different leaf entirely, that it is dried outside or inside differently, that it is dyed, or a number of other reasons. In reality, it is actually slightly fermented. “Yellow Strains” are fermented for around 2 days and gold strains are fermented for around 3 days. This causes the strains to “Slow down” and be better for people with anxiety.

What is Chocolate Kratom?

Chocolate is a fully fermented red strain. There are halfway fermented strains like Red Bentuangie, but Brown, or Chocolate is one that has been fully fermented. This causes the strain to be MUCH “slower” than any other type of Kratom. This is the only type of Kratom I would recommend for nighttime use as it counteracts Kratoms normally stimulant tendencies.

Effects from each type of Kratom

Red and Green Strains tend to be the highest in Mitragynine, which is the alkaloid in Kratom that helps with pain.

Green and White strains tend to be the highest in 7-Hydroxymitragynine, which is the alkaloid that boosts energy and focus.

Yellow and Gold Strains tend to be a mix of this effect – due to the slight fermentation –  and have been used for years to provide help with a general feeling of well-being.

Chocolate is fully fermented, therefore it is the only truly “Slower” strain, and is great for night time use.

What is your favorite color strain that you’ve tried?

3 thoughts on “Kratom Leaf Color Guide – What are they and what do they mean?

  1. Terrance Ross says:

    I am recovering from a stroke. Learning about your Kratom products and using them has meant the difference between struggling with painful and unwilling recalcitrant limbs or having a pleasant day with limbs that obey and are pain free.

  2. Casey Westbrook says:

    I am new to kratom. I have very bad restless leg syndrome. I would love to know it you all have a strain that would help give me some relief.
    (Rls sucks)

    • Chad G says:

      They can’t reccomend you one probably but, I can. Try Gold Bali, Red Malay, Yellow Borneo, Yellow Vietnam. Any of the “slow” strains should be good for you.

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