How To Make Kratom Powder Taste Better


1 Sep, 20210

How To Make Kratom Powder Taste Better

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If you’re a fan of Kratom powder, chances are you know all about its unique flavor. If you enjoy your Kratom in powder form, it can often leave an earthy, bitter taste. While some people love that taste, other people find it less tolerable, so exploring how to make Kratom powder taste better is an essential part of the Kratom journey. 

Kratom has a strong flavor that comes from the potent properties of this herbal extract. Kratom comes from the leaves of an evergreen tree that is grown in parts of Southeast Asia. Kratom leaves can be chewed, and dry Kratom can be swallowed or brewed. While the form you choose to enjoy Kratom may differ, the taste remains just as strong. 

We hope to offer an insight into what to expect when tasting Kratom powder for the first time and how to make Kratom powder taste better.

What does Kratom powder taste like?

Kratom is known for its unique taste, which resembles notes of a green tea that has been steeped for much longer than necessary — extremely grassy, earthy, and herbal. Overall, Kratom powder tastes quite bitter and is not everyone’s cup of tea, literally. 

Why does Kratom powder taste so bad?

Kratom powder comes straight from the Kratom tree itself, so the taste is very potent, and some people can find it unpleasant. The flavors of this herb are bitter and earthy, which can be challenging flavors to consume.

The bitter taste of Kratom comes from the alkaloids found in the plant. Usually, the more bitter the taste, the more potent the alkaloids are and the better the Kratom is. Also, by looking back to the theory of evolution, we can assume that our taste buds have developed recognition of bitter tastes over time to identify the properties of plants in the wild. This may be true in terms of Kratom.

How do people consume Kratom?

Kratom is a versatile herbal extract that can be consumed in several ways. The way you choose to take Kratom depends on your preferences and budget. 

If you choose to consume Kratom in its powder form you can mix it with drinks or food, or if you have a high tolerance to bitter tastes you may choose to swallow the Kratom powder directly. To do this, toss the powder to the very back of your throat and follow with a chaser. 

Kratom can also be consumed in capsule form. Kratom capsules consist of powdered Kratom wrapped up in a small, easy-to-swallow capsule and are the most costly way to consume Kratom. 

Consuming a Kratom extract is another way to consume Kratom. Kratom extracts are the most concentrated form of Kratom and are made by boiling the Kratom powder or dried leaves and straining it. 

These extracts can then be made into ‘shots’, or edibles like gummies and baked goods

How to make Kratom powder taste better 

If you find the flavor of Kratom too much to handle, there are several things you can do to help mask the bitter taste:

  • Mix the Kratom powder with a highly acidic juice, which will help break down the alkaloids in Kratom, making it stronger and assist with masking the flavor. 
  • Add Kratom powder to your smoothie.
  • Brew Kratom into a tea and add a sweetener like sugar or lemon juice for extra sweetness. 
  • Mix the powder in with your favorite yogurt and add some honey.
  • Infuse Kratom into your cooking. For example, you can make Kratom-infused chocolate or cupcakes.  

Try ‘tasteless’ Kratom

We understand that the bitter earthy taste of Kratom can be too intense for some people, so we have developed ‘tasteless’ Kratom that has all the same potency without the harsh flavor. Brand new to the market, our tasteless Kratom consists of a flavorless high-potency extract that is combined with fruit-punch flavored powder. Not only is the Kratom flavorless, but the drink also tastes great! Simply mix the powder with water and enjoy the best tasting Kratom of your life!

Tasteless Kratom is coming soon and will be available in single-serving packets of 50mg or 100mg potency.

Start your Kratom journey today

Don’t let the taste of Kratom powder stop you from enjoying the benefits of this herb. There are plenty of ways to make Kratom powder taste better and alternative methods of consuming this herbal extract. Once you have found your favorite way to enjoy Kratom powder, you will be free to enjoy its many benefits without your tastebuds getting in the way.

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