Is Kratom Legal in Kansas in 2024?


1 Apr, 20240

Is Kratom Legal in Kansas in 2024?

Kansas, nicknamed “The Sunflower State,” is famous for being the top producer of sunflowers and wheat and, of course, the site of the infamous movie, “The Wizard of Oz.” So, if you live in Kansas and wonder if it’s legal to possess Kratom in 2023, the answer is yes! In this article, you’ll learn:

Is Kratom legal in Kansas?

Kratom is currently legal at the federal level. It is also legal at the state level, as individual states have the right to make laws, though some Kansas legislators have tried to ban it. In 2018, legislators introduced Senate Bill 282, prohibiting Kratom as a Schedule I controlled substance. Fortunately, pro-Kratom advocacy groups quickly quashed any support for the bill.

In 2021, legislators introduced HB 2056, which would amend the Kansas Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act to regulate Kratom products. This would ensure those store products are pure and adequately labeled. It would also restrict Kratom to adults 18 or older. Advocacy organizations like the American Kratom Association sponsored the bill. They serve as essential watchdogs to guard against laws that might make ban or restrict the sale of Kratom.

What is Kratom?

So what is Kratom? Kratom is a safe herbal supplement millions of Americans use to manage pain or as an alternative to coffee to help their mood and focus. Natural Kratom comes from a tropical tree in the coffee family native to Southeast Asia and has been used for centuries in traditional medicines. Likewise, Kratom has been safely used for decades here in the United States and is becoming increasingly popular because of what it is and isn’t.

According to the American Kratom Association, Kratom is not a drug, not an opiate, and not a synthetic substance. Natural Kratom is a safe herbal supplement millions use for pain management or an energy boost. Despite being attacked by the FDA because it’s not a prescription drug, many Americans are turning to Kratom to help eliminate chronic pain and drug dependency or as an energy boost. They say Kratom relieves them from constant pain, and many say it saved their lives. That’s why more and more Americans are benefiting from it daily. See if Kratom could help you or someone you know.

Purchasing and Shipping Kratom in Kansas

You can buy Kratom in smoke or head shops and even convenience stores. But for those who are wise about Kratom, the best and safest place to buy Kratom is to search for companies that sell Kratom online. Many companies specialize in Kratom. For example, Kingdom Kratom was founded in 2017 by fans of Kratom who wanted to find good sources of fresh organic Kratom. The company prides itself on introducing new products, from capsules to extracts to various powder strains. Try their sample packs for your introduction to some of their latest products. 

The AKA and Kratom Advocacy in Kansas

The American Kratom Association (AKA) is a non-profit advocacy group established in 2014, committed to preserving and protecting the freedom of Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa. Also, it advocates for regulation to ensure Kratom quality and also for research on the benefits of Kratom. The AKA continues to work tirelessly to have Kratom legal in every state. You can help in that effort by joining the AKA as a “protector” of Kratom. You’ll receive notification of any laws changes and advocacy needed. Join the email list here.

Working in concert with the AKA, the Botanical Education Alliance also dedicates itself to educating consumers, lawmakers, law enforcement, and the media about safe and therapeutic natural supplements, including Kratom. Its mission is to increase understanding to influence public policy and protect natural supplements.

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act is under consideration in more than 20 states. As of 2022, the KPCA has passed in the following states: Utah, Georgia, Arizona, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Hopefully, Kansas will soon be next!

To see if Kratom is currently legal in your state, please check out this interactive Kratom legality map.

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