The Kratom Red Bubble Technique

Red Bubble Kratom


26 Mar, 202119

The Kratom Red Bubble Technique

The team here at Kingdom Kratom has been hearing a lot about red bubble Kratom lately. And with customers and reviewers on online Kratom forums raving about this Kratom technique, we decided to do the experiment for ourselves and make some red bubble Kratom. Here is a little bit about why we decided to do it and how it went. 

The Benefits of Red Bubble Kratom 

Who doesn’t love a good science experiment? And who wouldn’t want to increase the benefits of their Kratom? The Red Bubble Kratom technique is a way to supercharge your Kratom and the process is a fun way to spice up how you take your Kratom. The way it works is adding an acid to your Kratom, then heating it up and then freezing it breaks the Kratom down to a molecular level which increases the alkaloids which are what are responsible for the benefits of Kratom. This process is reported to not only make your Kratom stronger but save you money in the process as it requires you to use less of your Kratom each time. 

How To Make Red Bubble Kratom 

Here is what you will need for this experiment: 

  • A sealable mason jar 
  • One typical serving size of your Kratom 
  • Lemon juice 
  • Hot almost boiling (but not boiling) filtered water 
  • Sweetener of choice (we used honey)
  • A freezer 

What to do

  • First Scoop your serving of Kratom (we did 1 tsp of White Malay
  • Next, mix your lemon juice into the Kratom until it is a paste (it took us about half of a lemon to work for our amount)
  • Let the mixture sit for roughly 10 minutes 
  • Next pour in your almost boiling water which should be equal parts to your paste (we did about 2 oz) now stir until mixed. 
  • Then place the mixture in the freezer for at least 2 hours or until a red bubble appears in the mixture. 
Red Bubble Kratom
  • Next, remove the jar from the freezer and allow to thaw a bit before mixing it into a slushy type drink. 
  • Then you will mix in your sweetener 
  • Finally, you can either slurp it down with a straw or if it is still too bitter then blend it with some orange juice. 

The beauty of this method is that you can use any strain of Kratom you choose and accentuate the benefits. If you are looking for an extra boost in the morning maybe try a white strain like we did like White Maeng Da. If you want to relax in the evening you can try a red strain like Red Bentuangie. Or if you are looking for the best of both worlds maybe try a green vein strain like Green Maeng Da. The sky’s the limit with this one. 

In Conclusion 

The team here at Kingdom Kratom had a fun time with this one and we hope you do too and we are happy to answer any additional questions you might have in regards to our little experiment. At Kingdom Kratom, all of our products are sourced from within Indonesia and from verified farmers with whom we have work to build strong relationships with over the years. All of our products are tested and packed here in the United States. Our team here at Kingdom Kratom are Kratom experts and are happy to field any questions from newcomers and devotees alike. If you have yet to try any of our products our Kratom sample packs are a great place to start.


19 thoughts on “The Kratom Red Bubble Technique

  1. Chad Williams says:

    Good morning, “here’s the deal for at least myself” I live with chronic pain and have for 12 years! I was ran over by a green Mercury Sable station wagon April 5th of 2008 while going 10 MPH on my Motorcycle!! That’s when my life was flip flopped forever! Honestly I thought my left leg was at worst broken, knee dislocated I was more hurt that they cut my good jeans from my boots to my balls lol.. but after a couple hours in the ER S@$% got real when they dropped the MedStar chopper to take me for emergency surgery in the trauma center at a better hospital facility because My pulse was gone in my foot!! Folks I don’t tell people this for pity or sympathy!… I tell that so the rest of my silly babbling is hopefully understand!?Honestly with the opioids they work for about 45-60 min then the pain comes back then another one! Can and or could or will this Kratom alleviate some of my pain? Now listen folks I’ve read some crazy S@$% this stuff can do! I mean I truly don’t mind getting a little F@+%#d up in a good way! I guess what I’m asking is this S@%# for real My wife laughs saying that this S@?$ is another scam I’m being sucked into!! Well she has a valid point because In the past 12 years I have pissed good money down the drain because see something that has good reviews that’s supposed to help with pain, and after the whatever the product was is gone and so is the however much money it costs is gone….You guys might think I’m a sucker but until you’ve lived in my shoes for a few days don’t judge me!!.. The pain that I deal with day and night will make lesser of men do stupid shit to rid themselves of the chronic debilitating pain! Well I reckon When of If this stuff does show up at my door step I’ll try it straight away and hope and pray that it’s not another scam!! Thank you & God Bless; Chad..

    • Amanda Gutierrez says:

      I’ve been looking desperately for some pain relief my self. So sorry to hear about all of your troubles. How has the kratom worked out for you?

      • Randy Miller says:

        He is for real. I had an accident at work and broke my back. The doc’s shoved morphine down my neck for 15 years and subsequently and addiction and my brain was fried! I stumbled across this product thinking it was another scam but to my surprise this work better than no opioids! This stuff really is magic

    • Michael Gregory says:

      My friend It’s not a scam I been using this stuff for years B4 most knew of it AND yes my friend You can kick opiates W it 4694905415 Michael Buzz Me 👌

  2. Erin Loughner says:

    You won’t be takes some trial and error to find the best dose but you will get there. For me it was a miracle and God answered my prayers!! I went from mountains of Dr prescibed opiods that left me dazed to finally being myself again. Kingdom Kratom folks are the best! I buy in bulk and prefer to make my own pills cause I cant stand the tea taste. I trust these guys for not only their product, prices but their caring hearts too! Good luck & God bless !!

    • Cat Jewell says:

      Hi Erin my name is Cat. I’ve been taking Kratom for almost 2 or more years. I’ve found that putting my powder in a cup about a teaspoon worth usually a strain that lasts about 8 hours which I love green velvet I use hot water to mix it up and then add like a strong flavored creamer like Cinnabon or Carmel Machiatto. It works very well. I don’t have but allot 1% of bitter taste which is tolerable. Pills don’t work as well as the powder at least not for me. Without Kratom I can’t even get going. I’m still a coffee drinker but coffee I really only do for the taste..

      • Loomis Gibson says:

        Does this powder work really ?I’m tired of eating aspirin all day !doc says to stop doing that but won’t help me stop the pain .can’t do anything useful!

        • Jennifer Lee says:

          I have lupus. Both Systemic and discoid. I have daily miserable pain. My son told me to try kratom. OMG I am so happy I did. I have been on it now for 5 years. I haven’t had to take any narcotics for the pain. I even have avascular necrosis of the hip! The most important thing is to find out what dose works for YOUR PAIN! (Or energy level) Don’t give up after one try. SLOWLY increase or decrease until you find your sweet spot! I PROMISE you will be so happy u did. By the way my hubby found Kingdom Kratom best kratom and the BEST PRICE!! 🥰

        • marisa.mlm87 says:

          Yes! I take green Maeng Da daily (about 2 tbsp 3xday), by mixing it with 1.5-2cups of Sunny D in a shaker/mixer bottle. I tried mixing the powder many different ways & liquids but found that Sunny D helps lessen the bitter taste & sludginess as well as prevent dry clumps (you can use as much Sunny D as you want, the more you use, the better it’ll taste). I’ve been taking it for a few years to help with chronic lower back/pelvic pain (endemetriosis) & which caused excessive fatigue. Because of Kratom, I can live me life as normal, feeling the way my body should without nagging pain or lack of energy etc., I’m so thankful I gave kratom a chance! I even lost weight because I am happy to stay busy and move around all day since I don’t have pain weighing me down! I personally do not think kratom is harmful through my long term experience, afterall it is a natural leaf.

      • Thomas Filion says:

        Kratom is potentiated by caffeine, I have a hot cup ready before I finish my tea, powder in Sugar free peach tea.

  3. Loomis Gibson says:

    Haven’t gotten my first order yet but I’m really hoping that this will take care of my PAINI have a herniated disc for 40yrs and added broken ribs,both shoulders,3 fingers and knees! DAMN I NEED THIS TO WORK!!!

  4. Joe says:

    Disabled veteran. Pain constant. Kratom works for me. Been buying from these people pretty much since they started. I got some once made me puke. They replaced it no questions. Try them!

  5. Lindy says:

    I have been taking kratom for approx 4 years… the best advice is don’t give up on it unless you have tried a few strains!! just like others have said, you gotta find the one that works for you and your perfect dose!! sometimes it is good to try combining 2 different strains… most everyone I’ve recommended to try kratom has had amazing success with it… All glory to the LORD God as this stuff has been an answer to many people’s prayers!! And Kingdom Kratom is an amazing family… I say family because they truly do treat us as more than just customers!! I am excited to try this bubble experiment ☺️ thank you for the post and idea!! much love to all!!

  6. Pete Clausen says:

    I use a mix of Red Bentuangie and Super Red 50:50 for the best pain results, and have been for 5 years. Kingdom Kratom is by far the BEST vendor I’ve ever used too. Alex in Customer Support is also the greatest CS person EVER!! She is SO helpful. I do a toss/wash every AM and use a high dose which lasts all day (7-10g). Kratom has kept me off opiods and really gets my creative juices flowing. I’m going to try this red bubble tomorrow AM. Cheers!!

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