What is Yellow Kratom?


6 Mar, 20200

What is Yellow Kratom?

Newcomers to kratom may be surprised to learn that so many people use kratom for a diverse array of reasons. After all, some kratom fans love it because it can provide an energy boost or increased focus. Others use kratom to reduce anxiety and to relieve chronic pain. One of the reasons why kratom usage is so varied is due to the fact that kratom itself comes in many forms. To recap, the natural veins of kratom leaves are either red, green, or white. They each have their own unique properties and alkaloid composition. 

So then, what is yellow kratom, exactly? 

Contrary to popular belief, yellow kratom isn’t a rare natural kratom leaf. Rather, yellow kratom is created as a result of a fermentation process that takes about two days to complete. This fermentation causes the leaf stem to turn yellow. That isn’t the only thing that sets yellow kratom apart, though. Here, we’ll explain everything else you need to know about this exciting new product: 

How is Yellow Kratom Different? 

In addition to how yellow kratom is produced, it also possesses several features that distinguish it from other kratom veins. First, because of the fermentation process, yellow kratom strains tend to be “slowed down.” Second, yellow kratom products fall somewhere in between red and green veins. This means that it may produce both an energy increase and certain analgesic properties at once. 

What are the Benefits of Yellow Kratom? 

Since yellow kratom is a de facto “blend” it may cause a few different effects. Many users report a happy, energetic feeling after taking yellow kratom. And some like to take yellow kratom in lieu of coffee or before they exercise. Yellow kratom may not be quite as “strong” as white kratom in this regard, which makes it a popular choice for new fans.

Still others enjoy yellow kratom for mood enhancement. Lots of experienced kratom fans claim this is the best kratom strain for anxiety. 

Lastly, yellow kratom is an intriguing alternative for experienced kratom users. If you’re looking for something different, yellow kratom certainly fits the bill. 

It’s worth remembering that level of dosage –– in addition to strain –– will often have a big influence on an individual’s kratom experience. 

Yellow vs Gold Kratom

Yellow kratom isn’t the only kratom strain to come about due to fermentation. You can consider gold kratom to be a cousin to yellow kratom. Gold kratom is simply yellow kratom that is fermented or dried for a slightly longer period of time –– usually three days as opposed to two. 

Lastly, “chocolate kratom” is a strain of fully-fermented red kratom. This is perhaps the most relaxing kratom variety on the market. It can even be used as a sleep aid in some instances. 


At Kingdom Kratom, we have a wide variety of kratom products –– including yellow kratom powders and capsules. You won’t find these everywhere, so order them while you can! Or, if you have any questions about kratom or its effects, contact our team today for more info.

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