What is Yellow Vietnam Kratom?


9 Oct, 20200

What is Yellow Vietnam Kratom?

Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa is a tropical evergreen tree of the coffee plant family. Yellow Vietnam Kratom Powder & Yellow Vietnam Capsules are incredibly rare strain of Kratom that unlike its name is not grown in Vietnam, it is actually grown and harvested in the rainforests of Indonesia. Rumor has it that it got its name from the similarities between the effects of the strain, which is that of high energy much like the culture of Vietnam. 

Benefits of Yellow Vietnam Kratom

The funny thing about this strain of Kratom is that it actually starts out as a red vein strain. That’s right, Yellow Vietnam is actually Red Bali Kratom that has gone through a unique drying and fermentation process to make it this completely new strain. So while Red Bali is known for its analgesic and sedative type response, Yellow Vietnam has similarities, but it’s main effect is that of prolonged focus and and overall sense of well-being and improved mood. This strain takes the effects that you would typically find in a yellow strain and combines it with the focus of a white vein stain and the energy of a green. 

We hope this has helped you figure out what Yellow Vietnam Kratom is! At Kingdom Kratom, our products are sourced from within Indonesia, from verified farmers with whom we have built strong relationships with over the years. Two very similar strains to Yellow Vietnam are Gold Bali and Yellow Borneo Kratom. Our products are tested and packed in the U.S. Our team at Kingdom Kratom are Kratom experts, and we’re happy to field questions from newcomers and devotees alike. If you have more questions about Yellow Vietnam Kratom or any other strains, please ask! Plus, we also offer sampler packs so that you can try out new strains for yourself. Check them out here or contact us for more information!

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