What is Indo Kratom?

indo Kratom

What is Indo Kratom?

As with any supplement you put into your body, there is always the desire to consume the best of the best. So it is no different for Kratom enthusiasts, who will tell you that when they think of premium Kratom, the Crème de la crème, there is no doubt that Indo Kratom is the first one to come to their minds. So what is Indo Kratom?

Premium Indo Kratom 

Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa is an evergreen tree of the coffee plant family and is grown throughout Southeast Asia. Although indigenous to countries like Malaysia and Thailand, the country best known for having mastered their farming of premium Kratom as well as Kratom being their major crop is Indonesia, where Kratom is used widely for health and well-being. What sets Indo Kratom apart from the rest, is the Indonesian farmers skillset with the harvesting and drying process. As these two processes play a pivotal role in the quality of powder you get. Indonesian farmers has truly mastered the process of cultivating premium, high quality Kratom. 

So Why Indo Kratom? 

Besides the process in which Indo Kratom is grown, it is very well known for its high percentage of 7-Hydroxymitragynine or 7-OH. 7-OH is an alkaloid found in Kratom and is the most powerful substance of the Kratom plant. It has been found that 7-OH has the ability to communicate with three major opioid receptors in the human body- Delta, Kappa and Mu. As so many Indo Kratom users have reported experiencing a boost in mood, relief from pain, as well as relief from stress and depressed mood. 

Types of Premium Indo Kratom

Super Green Borneo– A green vein strain of Kratom that has been said to provide euphoria and sustained energy. It is also been reported to help distract from pain. 

Super White Borneo– A white vein strain of Kratom also has been said to provide euphoria and sustained energy. It has also been reported to distract from pain as well as reduce nausea. 

Super Red Borneo– A red vein strain of Kratom that is said to provide euphoria and a boost of energy and also is reported to help distract from pain as well as reduce nausea. 

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