FDA Pressuring World Health Organization To Ban Kratom


25 Jul, 2021115

FDA Pressuring World Health Organization To Ban Kratom

***8/7/2021 UPDATE BELOW***

The FDA in its constant search for ways to ban Kratom has taken a new dangerous tact, by attempting to pressure the World Health Organization (WHO) to ban Kratom internationally, along with a list of other substances.

While they have been beaten back at every turn in the US by Kratom advocates since they first attempted to Schedule Kratom, the FDA continues to find new ways to limit the availability, supply and sale of Kratom in the US. A quick glance at the language in their proposal regarding Kratom should give you an idea that this is clearly not backed by anything actual Kratom users experience, but clearly sounds like some of the inaccurate information the FDA has pushed for years. The WHO has opened up a comment period where they are asking for real people to leave comments about their experiences with each of the substances in question. This commenting period ends 8/9/2021.

We are asking ALL Kratom advocates to take a couple minutes and write a real comment about how Kratom has helped you or someone you know. This is NOT a place to attack the government agencies that attack Kratom, but if enough peoples real experiences are given, the truth about Kratom will be clear to see. These bans have been beaten back across the US for years, but if a large organization like the WHO comes out formally against Kratom, it could severely limit the ability to import into the US, as well as give the FDA the ammo they need to work towards a stateside ban. We ask that you take a couple minutes to do this and share with everyone you know!

*** UPDATE 8/7/2021***

As the 8/9/2021 deadline nears, if Kratom has done anything for you or anyone you know, we ask you once again to leave a comment to protect Kratom if you haven’t yet! We are closing in on 50,000 comments and we need more! The AKA has filed a suit for a Temporary Restraining Order against the FDA to allow for more time for comments, but in case that gets denied please take the time to share your story! Please remember to share your testimonial, DO NOT ATTACK the FDA, positivity wins!

***IMPORTANT UPDATE:*** 7/28/2021

We have since learned that the FDA can submit these formal comments to the WHO at their own discretion. Given the FDA’s attitude towards Kratom, the chances that all comments make its way to the WHO are minimal. The American Kratom Association (AKA) has decided to take it upon themselves to collect formal comments and direct them unedited to the WHO. IF YOU HAVE LEFT A COMMENT AT THE FDA SITE, PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER COMMENT ON THE AKA WEBSITE TO ENSURE THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION HEARS THE TRUTH! Please share this with as many Kratom advocates as you can!


To leave a comment with the AKA to send to the WHO about your experience with Kratom, click here.

Please take a couple minutes to help keep Kratom legal and available!

While we love comments on our blog, please direct your testimonies to the link above!

115 thoughts on “FDA Pressuring World Health Organization To Ban Kratom

    • Hilary says:

      i began taking kratom for chronic pain as i had a torn hip labrum that was inoperable for 2 years i subsequently used after a total hip replacement it literally saved me from agonizing pain. it is also an excellent completely natural way to reduce depression please please reconsider your limitations on what is strictly a natural remedy for many medical conditions

    • Tony Cobos says:

      My 84 year old mother takes Kratom daily. She was on antidepressants and as a result she was lethargic. Since switching to Kratom she is happy and gets around better than I do. Why ban Kratom???? People abuse alcohol- ban THAT FDA!!!

      • Carla Murray says:

        I couldn’t agree more Tony Cobos! At 53 with a long list of issues, including bipolar, chronic migraines, ptsd, I think we should all use more natural and herbal products! They were put here naturally to Help us and it would behoove us all to use them as my Cherokee ancestors before me did. I think we all know however, this is all about the money that “some ppl” can’t make off these great natural remedies. Personally I have had countless side effects off big pharma meds I was prescribed for decades. Worse ones than the intial reasons I was prescribed them in the first place. I will not Ever ingest prescribed meds again. Ever. Leave Kraton,and us,be PLEASE.

      • Tawnya Warfle says:

        Safer than Tylenol or other over the counter meds. Natural remedy, I dont see why we have to take liver killers instead because that is all we have. I was prescribed opiods for years, now I just take over the counter stuff and this is a nice alternative that keeps me on my feet! I dont see how it would be any different, many strong drugs on the market like caffine, alcohol and marjania. Not even in the same category! I dont get it! This is a life changer for people who are addicted to several street drugs! Makes no sense! Thank you for your time in this matter.

  1. William Aston says:

    Create a mess help me with more than just physical disabilities it puts me on a mental plane to where I feel good all day and I’m not depressed

  2. Donald Cochran says:

    I use Kratom to help me focus especially on my school work towards my masters program. The different strains help me by their respected effects of either keeping me up and focused or going to sleep and getting great sleep

  3. Samantha says:

    Kratom has seriously changed my life! The only reason they would want to band it is because doctors are not making money off of it. It is so good for my anxiety and depression. My mom uses it for body pain! My husband uses it for energy, neck pain, and a happy attitude..

  4. Carrie Heishman says:

    Kratom is a miracle! My husband couldn’t even walk because he hurt his flexor muscle and after trying Kratom he was back to work in 2 days. I was on Fentanyl,oxycodone,lyrica,soma,and xanax. I started Kratom now I’m only on it blood pressure meds and xanax! It got me off dangerous meds I didn’t want to be on.
    Kratom is a wonderful plant that helps with so much! We need this to function daily without dangerous and addicting pain meds!

    • Desiree Franken says:

      This is so true for thousands across the board. Kratom is the safe alternative to deadly addictions stemming from depression, physical pain and traumas. It saves peoples lives

    • Allen Colvin says:

      Awesome testimony. I feel the same about Kratom. Very effective and safe. Much safer than pharmaceutical drugs.

  5. Jeremy Hammond says:

    Kratom has changed my life in a huge way. Kratom has helped me get off heroin., perscrption medications and alcohol as well. I was addicted to all of these drugs for over 20 years and once i stated taking kratom to help with my pain and withdraws. I first took Kratom in 2015 and for the last 6 years i havnt touched alcohol and or any other drug including perscription meds and exc…. First and for most I give all the honor and glory to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and understanding that God created the heavens and the earth. So ultimately anything that grows from the ground is from God. And this plant is a gift from God and it would be a shame to make it illegal.

  6. Margaret Wycoff says:

    Honestly up until I tried kratom I was at a point of total despair. I’d wake in the morning u able to straighten my legs and my back! I would have to sit on the edge of my bed and slowly get up holding onto my furniture to make my way slowly to the bathroom. When I would speak to my doctor he’d say, “Yes, You have severe arthritis, take extra strength tylenol and loose weight .” I couldn’t loose weight because I couldn’t move to burn calories. I spent day and night crying because the tylenol wasn’t working. Please do not ban kratom, since I’ve. been taking it I’m able to walk 2 miles a day and I’ve lost 48 pounds, I feel normal again. Thank You, Margaret W.

    • Ron willis says:

      Can you please tell me how much a day you take ? I have been on opiates for 10 years and want to quit. I’m not sure what kind to take or how much a day or how often to take it ??? Can you tall me what works for you ? I need some advice. Please

  7. Fireisha Withrow says:

    Keaton is truthfully a very safe and helpful cousin to coffee. True studies show this. I have used it off and on for 11 years without problems. Be responsible and do ACTUAL RESEARCH!

  8. M. S. says:

    Due the issues over opioid addiction doctors are not believing patient complaints regarding pain or maybe they are scared to prescribe them because of sanctions and regulations. I have pain that has gone ignored. I have Developed ulcers from taking Motrin. So many to dull the pain and it barely working. I broke two toes and the doctor didn’t give me more than Motrin! I found out about Kratom while searching for other options to help me. Kratom has helped so much! I don’t know how I would make it without it.

  9. Cindy Lucas says:

    I suffer lower back pain. I have 5 bulging disc in my lumbar spine and can NOT get prescribed pain meds because of the abuse of others. Kratom is the only thing that helps my pain and allows me to be comfortable enough to do my daily activities and sleep. It’s a natural product and Kratom is effective.

  10. Edward Hauswirth says:

    Kratom helped my get off opiates with out kratom the opiate pandemic will continue to be a nation wide problem. The fda needs to stop making this world a worse place and let people live their lives

  11. Lon A VanPelt says:

    I was on Norco for about 2.5 years. I saw my tolerance sky rocket after the first year. I found kratom after seeing all sorts of stuff on the opioid addiction that plagued the U.S. I have been using kratom in place of Norco and other options for several years now. I tried other medications but they either didn’t work or caused side effects I couldn’t justify dealing with. I mean why trade back pain for a migraine that you can’t take anything for? my wife works with patience going in for surgery and she says she is amazed at how many people tell her they ha e replaced opioid medications with kratom and are better off. one of the consistent themes is that of tolerance with opioid sky rocketing and then being made to feel like you were an addict and a junkie for taking the medication a Dr. gave you and KNOWS has a quick build up of tolerance yet then refuse to up your meds if not discontinue them completely. Marijuana is being legalized across the country and yet you want to make kratom illegal, it makes no sense to me. keep kratom legal and let me have as close to a normal life as I can and keep my health in my hands.

  12. Charles Brown says:

    Kratom saved my life. I was addicted to pain medication for 12 years from my neck getting broken on the job. Kratom helped me get off of the pills when nothing else worked.

  13. Zen says:

    Kratom is a great substance foe people who do not have access to health care or cannot afford certain medications. Banning it would only make it harder to get the substance in good quality, and cause people to seek out unhealthy alternatives.
    Banning kratom would be hurting less than it would be helping.

  14. Victoria says:

    Kratom helps me on a daily basis to stay motivated and helps with my aches and pains due to spinal injuries.

  15. Cassandra English says:

    I have been using kratom for years during my menstrual cycle (PMDD). It has allowed me to function during a time when I normally can barely walk. Kratom is a plant and should not be illegal! I know so many people who use it for pain management and anxiety, and to take it from our reach would be utterly cruel.

  16. Kerrie says:

    I sincerely can say Kratom has changed my life. I was once crippled by pain and dependent on pain killers until my friend introduced me to Kratom. I sincerely pray ? they leave the Kratom alone. It’s far safer than opiates as far as I’m concerned.

  17. Elizabeth Amado says:

    Kratom is a God send. I’m 72 yrs old and suffer from chronic pain. I was on prescription pain meds for 13 yrs. My son introduced me to Kratom and it worked wonders without becoming addictive. I have arthritis and lower back pain. Most irritating is my restless leg syndrome. Kratom let’s me sleep without the anxiety and leg problems.
    Kratom is non-addicting. It would be a crime to let big pharma try to ban this so they can keep us addicted to their drugs.

    • Dave " Swanny" Swanson says:

      Kratom saved my life 7 years ago from a legal 15 year opioid habit from botched hip replacement surgery and crippling back pain,pain is gone,, I’m not narcolized any more, and live a pain free life

  18. Justin merkey says:

    Ive been taking kratom powder for about 4 years for dépression, anxiety, ptsd and insomia andaddiction. EVERY STRAIN OF KRATOM HELPS ME, IN MULTIPLE WAYS!!! Kratom is the best thing to every grow!!

  19. Cindy Dwyer says:

    I have been using Kratom for about 2 Years now off and on when i’m in pain it really helps. I use Kratom so i don’t need pain meds.

  20. Gina says:

    Kratom has helped me with so much like pain, depression, anxiety. I think it’s safer than taking pain meds, I feel like it’s helped so many people. I think It’s amazing. Banning it is a mistake.

  21. Deborah Stevens says:

    Helps greatly with anxiety, social anxiety, extreme pain, depression, general well-being, also t get off opiate usage. I don’t think I could function without kratom & have to go to to prescription medications which I refuse to do. Thank you

  22. Pamela mcdonald says:

    I just heard of this maybe 3 weeks ago. I bought some because I am in literal tears at night from the 3 types of arthritis I have throughout my body. I also have degenerative disks, fibromyalgia, restless leg, and neuropathy. We have been moving from one house to another and it has been very hard and painful. I bought some Kratom a variety pack of powders, gel caps, gummies, and capsules. Let me tell you this stuff truly works, there are no mind-altering effects, no buzz feelings at all. It does exactly what I need it for and that is pain and rest. It is no surprise they are trying to outlaw it, they would prefer to put out addictive mind-altering drugs that people have to pay big pharma for that needs other pharmas to counteract the side effects of the first prescription! It is all about the money not about the care and well-being of the people.

  23. Joseph Ledbetter says:

    For a while, I was a single father of three beautiful girls. I have since, met an amazing woman and added her and her two awesome kids to our family. Shortly after meeting her, I starting having issues that I have had to do a lot of research to find some sort of way to get my life back.
    Kratom is the only thing that helps me walk since the military decided to give us non fda approved anthrax vaccines(there was a lawsuit and court transcripts are posted online). I have developed an autoimmune-like illness which includes symptoms like nerve damage, memory loss, ptsd, hormone imbalance, insomnia, wide spread muscle and joint pain, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis. The VA states that there are no other medications to treat my conditions and I spent the better part of a year, barely able to do basic life functions. That is, until I was introduced to kratom. It isn’t a cure but at least I can be a part of my family again. Kratom has allowed me to enjoy more time with my family and has lowered my blood pressure(reduced my medications in half), increased my mood and energy levels and helps with my insomnia. It tastes bad, leaves powder on my all of my shirts and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I really appreciate yall providing kratom to us cheaper than any of my other medications as well. I’ve spoken to the staff of kingdom kratom and you can even tell that they love being able to provide it to people to better their lives. If yall need anything from myself or Tasha let me know please.

  24. Julie says:

    Kratom doesn’t do anything for my chronic day to day pain but it does ALOT to help me not be dependent on narcotics. It helps with the brain dependency.
    I no longer look to buy pills when I run out or go through withdrawals..It always helps bring back a sex drive that my pain medication takes away. Even my husband see’s a huge difference.
    If pot can be legal then why not kratom? They both come from nature and are natural resources from the Earth.
    I would be really careful with filling anything out on the FDA website because if it is banned then they have your information to search your home for illegal drugs.

  25. Hailey Davis says:

    Kratom has changed my life in so many ways! It brought me out of my shy shell. I smoke a lot less pot and don’t do drugs id say that’s a good enough reason to keep it around, please don’t ban kratom i don’t want to do drugs again!

  26. Janet says:

    Kratom is a wonderful alternative to addictive pain meds. My daughter has fibromyalgia and has been prescribed drugs that make her ill. Nothing has helped her until she found great relief with Kratom.

  27. andyribera2000 says:

    Kratom got me off of morphine and methadone for pain management and I have found that it woks so much better. It also helps me with anxiety! It will only hurt people taking it away.

  28. Reeda DeLange says:

    Kratom is very beneficial to avoid using opiates for my joint pain. I never thought that I would have to take anything for pain but I use Kratom and it helps a lot. Please don’t ban this product!!! The government needs to leave this alone. It is so important for so many people who really need it.

  29. Candyland says:

    As a six year user of kratom and AKA member, I would like some transparency on this FDA campaign to pressure the World Health Organization to issue a global warning or ban on the use of kratom.

    I have been all through the FDA website and find nothing more recent than the May 21 2021 bust of the Ft. Myers kratom importer. Nothing on the FDA website refers to any more recent action or request to the WHO.

    Then I went to the who.int website and looked through general categories for any mention of kratom, mitragynine, or opiate addiction. I found nothing on the WHO website. I performed a search from the home page for “kratom” and came up with ZERO results.

    There is no mention of this campaign to ban kratom at either site.

    I am sorry to question this, but show some direct links to either FDA or WHO websites that refer to this campaign.

    Deleting this message or not replying with links to these sites will tell me this is someone’s idea of raising money for pro- Kratom organizations.

    A Kratom Consumer for Total Transparency

  30. Michael says:

    Its a wonderful medicine that not only helps with pain, its has no Dependency issues. I can take it everyday for 2 months. Then just not take it and be just fine. Unlike opioids. When I’m not taking any, my body isn’t craving them. Not sure why kratom isnt used in medicine in place of Opioids? Its a wonderful natural medicine.

  31. Gina says:

    Kratom has helped so many people it would be a mistake to ban it. Its helped me so much especially with depression and anxiety also with pain. Why take away something that helps people?

  32. Irene Helen Buhalo says:

    Taking away Kratom is as dumb as banning ☕ coffee. Kratom helps with my anxiety, and I have no problem stopping it for a few days, I take it as needed

  33. Cindy Dwyer says:

    Kratom has helped me with the daily pain i go threw after having Bilateral mastectomy. If it wasn’t for Kratom my life would not be good. It works. I can’t for the life of me Figure out why they would take it away do they want us all on pain meds no thank you I’ll keep my Kratom Thank You!

  34. Russ says:

    My wife has used Kratom for several years now. We happened upon it then from a suggestion of a friend. My wife has Lupus has tried and been on many medications. Kratom is one of the top 3 things that helps her. It helps with energy and the pain she experinces. Please do not take away a tool that has helped my wife so much!!

  35. Reeda DeLange says:

    Kratom has been a godsend for myself and my daughter, especially my daughter. She is able to function without so much pain, which is way better than having to use a lot of pain pills. I find that Kratom with it’s different formulas is very helpful to me for my arthritis pain which is constant and also NO constipation side effect.
    Kratom is very effective for so many people and being a non narcotic it in my opinion is the way to go for millions of people around the world!!! We as a paying public need to have options for our wellness and well being without the fear of having our options taken away!!! My daughter is so much better off with this natural form of pain reliever than being out of it on opioids I can’t even tell you how much and I don’t have to worry about overdoses anymore with her, it’s just been a blessing to our family. So much so that I have my sister taking it for her chronic pain as well. Both she and my daughter suffer from failed back surgeries and it’s been literal hell for them but Kratom has helped us all immensely. Please don’t ban something that is so helpful to so many people!!!!../

  36. Nick says:

    Kratom got me off a 15 year heavy opioid addiction. extreme heroin and methadone use. Everyone I knew from that terrible time of my life is now dead or in jail. I survived… Kratom saves lives. Banning it will not.

  37. Brianna says:

    Kratom has helped me for multiple reasons. I had a huge substance abuse problem with opiates. When I no longer could find any, my friend introduced me to kratom. My friend showed me the exact way to use it. I was told you can overdose and get really sick if not taken the correct way. As soon as I discovered it, I was on track to a sober life. It helped me get out of bed in the morning without the withdrawals. It gave me energy and helped with my mood. I got off my depression and anti-anxiety medications. Not too long ago, I relapsed on heroin. I cannot tell you how bad the withdrawals were. I just needed to take a couple days off from it, but my body wouldn’t let me. So, I had to keep taking more heroin to function. When the heroin was gone, I was worried about losing my job because I couldn’t get out of bed. Kratom literally has saved me! I understand how people can overdose and get sick from it, but they are looking for another way to get high. Personally, I am so against the FDA trying to rule what we can and cannot ingest. Some of us actually need this shit to survive the withdrawals, and feel better in order to move on with our lives. No one should be punished for taking kratom. I feel like a lot of heroin addicts who use this to get better, will find a way to get worse if the government meddles with it. It doesn’t help when you make this illegal. It’s a plant for crying out loud! It has helped me in so many ways. I am so tired of the government sticking it’s nose where it shouldn’t be! Hell, I trust this more than the damn vaccine, and they sure are pushing that on us left and right! Let kratom be! Let people be free to choose what they want. Kratom is a blessing for those in need of it.

  38. L hunter says:

    I have several friends that have benefited from Kratom powder, as well as myself to relieve pain. It is a great opioid alternative. Non habit forming with less side effects. Pls leave this one alone. Let the people have one that is clean and natural.

  39. Bill covey says:

    the big problem is big pharma companies who give a rat’s ass about the public!its clear as day they make drugs that kill and make people violently addicted to these super lab opioids they make to keep the money rolling in!its blood money and it shows how much of a tyrannical government we have that no longer cares for the people and continue to take our money to kill us as we all lose our rights and lives to these tyrant scumbags that are the real criminals picking on people like us who resist by using natural herbs and medicines, I will put in my body what I want to and they can’t do shit about it!they have had kratom under the radars ever since I started taking it 10 plus years ago!I personally think it’s a way to scare people into a mass big buy,I’ve always wondered about it and why it’s always a big topic amongst the community of us,they will never stop me from taking kratom!

  40. Nick says:

    I’ve been sober now for almost eight months. It’s the longest I have ever gone.If it wasn’t a raging heroin addiction it was rampant alcoholism. I got off heroin first by going to a methadone clinic. Was supposed to taper off in a years time. 15 years went by. Much harder to kick than heroin. The dr. Didn’t care. It was a private facility made to push product for a profit. Just like any other dealer. Finally got off that and discovered kratom to help with daily pain and withdrawal. Had I found kratom Earlier I would have gotten my life Together sooner And possibly not have lost friends and family. Kratom really saves lives. If it becomes scheduled People are just gonna continue relying on opiate pain meds and street drugs. Everything literally everything can be abused! Why the fuck would you ban Kratom instead of investing in something that could help so many people as an alternative to opiates.

  41. Joseph Pauciello says:

    Kratom truly saved my life I was a heroin addict for 15 years I was on the verge of dying overdosed 15 times I went to rehab came out the urges were still there I started doing kratom and the urges are gone I drink cream in the morning go to work come home cook dinner for my family take care of my kids I’m a whole new person now thanks to kratom I really don’t understand why they would want a bandit it’s not dangerous it’s not killing anyone what what’s the point in that

  42. Andrew says:

    It takes away my chronic pain and helps with my snappy attitude due to the pain. I had fallen on my right upper hip twice in less than two years. On both right and left side of my hips. My healthcare provider is not really concerned with the problem. So I had turned to kratom for chronic pain. My girlfriend had a surgery to take out half of her kidney and was only given little to no chronic pain medicine so good thing kratom was around. It sure helped her out. Saved her life and mine.

  43. Miah says:

    Kratom has changed my life in many ways possible. Before learning of kratom, i had been in bed rest and was too in pain to get up to work or do daily chores. But within couple days of trying out kratom, i was able to walk without having bad knee pain. I became myself again. So happy to have found kratom. I hope it stays the same.

  44. Michelle Pizzi says:

    I started taking kratom because I was trying to help my boyfriend with his opiate (pain pill addiction) that was costing us a considerable amount of money. I was in the Marine Corps and had a serious car accident that left me with degenerative disks and chronic shoulder pain. I take it daily because it helps with pain, anxiety and sleep. It would be a travesty to a lot of people who are assisted by this natural choice instead of abusing controlled substances.

  45. Bill0246 says:

    Kratom provides a lot of good to a lot of people without them getting into troublesome problems. Let it be !!!!

  46. John O'Donnell says:

    I’ve totally gotten off of anti depressants since I started taking Kratom daily. It is truly a miracle product.

  47. jakejacobs68010714 says:

    To whoever is reading this I’ve been a block Mason for 30 years and been in car wrecks took all the strongest pain pills that I could get but after a while it didn’t work even with the medicine the pain was still there now that I find scrotum the pain is gone and I’m not chasing the devil actually you would never understand unless you had to walk a mile in my shoes it’s not like you get high in the shade the pain just goes away maybe you guys are understand get this stuff works it’s not fair because you guys don’t understand I pray you keep this plant around just so I don’t have to be so miserable for the rest of my life thank you for your help and your time

  48. William Monahan says:

    I was a Victim-Witness Coordinator for a prosecuting attorneys office for about twenty years. I was also a high-functioning alcoholic, spiraling out of control. Kratom didn’t just help me. Kratom saved me. Kratom is used safely and effectively by a cross-section of the world’s population. Kratom is a life saver. It saved me.

  49. Gina says:

    Please don’t take away the kratom that is helping everyone. Why take something away that’s helping people live.

  50. Marcus says:

    The reason they want to ban it is because it’s taking too much of the money away from big pharma. Big Pharma cares nothing about Humans. They only care about Profits. Big Pharma should be Banned. Alcohol & Tobacco should be Banned instead of Kratom. I would not be alive without Kratom. Kratom saved my Live from Pills & Depression. I would have been Dead 10 years ago if I would have not found out about Kratom. Please help keep Kratom Legal.

  51. Kim Wood says:

    I have tried several different strains and brands of kratom and King Kratom is some of the best!!! Best in price, potency and accessibility. I will be a loyal customer for life. Customer service is great as well!! I was dependent on every kind of opiate pill you can think of for over ten years. Tried methadone and Suboxone treatments to get off these life consuming drugs. Kratom has been the answer to all my prayers. No more pain and no more cravings. Thank you magical plant from the Amazon, and the people that make it available to us all over the world.

  52. Claire Diament-Turner says:

    I suffer from chronic pain due to a severe car accident. I have tried everything from surgery and nerve blocks. I was prescribed narcotic pain killers for 19 years and became addicted to narcotics as a result of being over medicated. I was miserable while taking narcotics and felt I was going through life with no purpose unable to focus and still in pain. I stopped taking prescription narcotics in 2014, after pressure from many family members and friends who were worried I would become another statistic of death due to narcotics addiction.
    I’ve regained so much of my life since kicking my narcotics addiction,… but was still living in constant pain, still unable to live a productive life.
    In 2016, I found out about kratom and I can truly say that kratom has given me the ability to achieve so many things I thought would never be able to do.
    Unlike narcotics, which left me wallowing in a mental fog, Kratom gives me energy to want to get up in the morning, kratom gives me a clear mind able to remain focused and on task. Kratom helps so much more with pain than any of all the horrible narcotic medications I took over all those years.
    I have told everyone I know about the benefits of kratom and a lot of people I know who don’t necessarily suffer from chronic pain but kratom helps then with mental clarity, my brother suffers with « ADD attention deficit disorder » and with taking kratom , he is able to complete tasks without getting constantly distracted. One of my sisters is an underpaid high school teacher, after I told her about kratom she was skeptical after seing first hand what narcotic pain killers had done to my life, she worried kratom may similar side effects. However she is now so convinced of the benefits of using kratom that she also now uses kratom to help stay mentally clear and she now has more energy to help her stay vigilant and alert through her long 100 hours work week.
    Banning Kratom would be devastating for so many people on so many levels, the FDA’s efforts to ban Kratom are outlandish and outrageous, they’re simply pressured by “big pharma” who is loosing profits and have no interest what so ever in helping people and communities. My own quality of life would be reduced to being bed ridden for most of my days, which would be devastating to my well-being.
    Please do not ban kratom.

  53. Scott price says:

    I have been using Kratom for its antioxidant qualities,it is also very useful in lifting my energy problems due to having diabetes.I don’t know of anything else that even comes close to what it does for my overall health.

  54. raysdga says:

    I’ve been taking Kratom for about 2 years now. I’ve tried many different kinds. But my main problem is anxiety and depression. My brother killed himself. My dad had spinal stenosis and died last January. I was the only one helping him. Going back to the house my brother shot himself was torture. Got out of inpatient a couple years ago and basically said I need to try something else. I went to my local smoke shop and saw kratom. For some reason Yellow Borneo stood out. To this day I’ve tried almost every strain but Yellow Borneo helps the most. For uplifting mood and anxiety relief nothing compares. I was able to help my dad a lot before he died and kratom helped more than anything. I also use Kratom to not drink alcohol. Yellow Borneo is great for that. If the FDA illegalizes kratom…i’m pretty much fucked.

  55. David Callaway says:

    I am a veteran of the military and I have had over 6 surgeries all of them from knee surgery to a torn labrum on my right hip and many other scares from other surgeries and I know in fact that Kratom has helped me in a number of ways to battle the pains throughout my whole body from head to toe but they don’t care about the little guys since they cannot get their hands in the pot and control it. The WHO are a bunch of losers and know that they are and tampering with this only goes to show their ignorance and stupidity. I depend on Kratom to correct the chronic pains from every inch of my body. I hope they read this and reconsider. Please share my story cause the VA is not helping me at all and they just pump you full of Ibuprofen and Motrin that only gives you kidney disease. And that’s what I had while working with the VA. Who actually are not helping me at all. Fill free to share my story cause it’s true.

    • David Callaway says:

      And I meant the FDA cause that’s who is pressuring them to stop something that’s beneficial in a society of people with medical conditions.

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