How do I store Kratom?


18 Jan, 20200

How do I store Kratom?

How you store your Kratom is important if you are planning on stocking up and having some around for more than a month! To preserve as much of the alkaloid levels – and keeping your Kratom as strong as possible – there are 5 things you can do.

  • Keep It Out of The Sunlight

    Like most dried goods, it is very important to keep Kratom away from sunlight. The sunlight (and the heat) will cause the plant to break down and the alkaloids to get weaker. We recommend storage In a cabinet or closet, but anything outside of direct sunlight will do. 

    • Keep Cool

      While Kratom grows naturally in a hot environment, that same environment is not good for storage. Heat places a lot of strain on the dried plant, so we recommend keeping it in a cool place, or at least room temperature. Storing your extra Kratom in your uncooled garage is not ideal!

      • The Less Oxygen The Better

      The more air that comes into contact with your Kratom the faster it will break down. For this reason we recommend vacuum sealing your bags if they are going to be stored for a LONG time. If you are storing for just a moderate amount of time, like 1-6 months, a ziplock bag or jar is totally fine. Just know that over time, the amount of oxygen exposure the plant has will affect the deterioration rate.

      • Keep It Dry

      If your Kratom gets wet, it can deteriorate or even grow pathogens like Mold or E Coli. We recommend keeping things in zipper bags, air tight jars or Tupperware containers. I always recommend getting some food-safe desiccants that will absorb any excess moisture to place in the container! They are really cheap and can save your Kratom! 

      • Label it!

      I have had friends throw out full bags and jars because they didn’t know exactly what it was or thought that it had gone bad. It’s always good to label the strain type, when you bought it and that its Kratom!


      If you are planning on storing Kratom for over 1 year, a freezer is also an option. We recommend having a perfectly sealed container before doing that, so the freezers condensation doesn’t pierce the container.


      If you find a good deal on Kratom and want to load up and then use it over time, feel free! Kratom is like most tea and spices, and is good for years. The alkaloid content does not really deteriorate at all for 6-12 months, and most Kratom if stored well is good for up to 3 years. Feel safe in knowing that if you do it right, your supply will be safe!



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