What exactly is Toss & Wash?

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28 Sep, 20220

What exactly is Toss & Wash?

Newcomers to Kratom are often thrilled with the results and benefits but not quite as enamored with the taste of Kratom, which many describe as bitter, grassy, herbal, and earthy. In this article, you’ll learn the method to ingest powdered Kratom in what is known as the ‘toss and wash” method. 

Why do you “toss & wash” Kratom?

Kratom has been used to increase work and productivity in Southeast Asia for hundreds of years. In Southwest Asia, many chew on leaves. In the West, the most common way to take Kratom is in its powdered form. However, do you find anyone liking the taste of Kratom? Probably not. Thus, many techniques for ingesting Kratom have been devised, including the “toss and wash” method. It’s a well-known technique used to consume Kratom (or any substance) that is unpleasant to the tongue.

What’s the best way to take Kratom?

Most consumers order Kratom in its raw powdered form. Consequently, most usually use the “toss & wash” method. Indeed, it’s the simplest and the most effective approach to ingesting Kratom. The method includes “tossing” (placing the Kratom on the tongue or back of the throat) and “washing” it (swallowing it with the help of water or beverage) down your throat. With some practice, you can ingest Kratom without hardly tasting the bitter, green plant.

The method is both simple and effective. Measure a small amount of Kratom onto a spoon or folded piece of paper. Then “toss” or place it onto or under your tongue, and “wash” it down with your favorite beverage. The method works best for those prone to coughing or gagging. After a few experimental tries, you’ll know whether juice, plain water, or tea works best. Use some caution with the type of beverage you choose. For example, using citrus juice as a wash can be a potentiator, increasing the herb’s strength. 

What’s the benefit of the “tossing and washing” method?

The benefit of the “toss and wash” method is that it’s the most economical way to take Kratom. For one, tossing and washing maximize the amounts of alkaloids that will make it from the leaf material directly into your bloodstream. This approach may be a little messy, but effective way of taking your Kratom. It’s fast-acting. Your body does not have to break down any capsules. Third, it’s more economical because you are buying the raw product. If this method doesn’t work for you, there are more convenient methods with capsules, extracts, or gummies. Contact Kingdom Kratom to speak with knowledgeable staff members who are always ready to answer your questions. Also, follow us at Kingdom Kratom for specials and new product offers.

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