Kratom Nootropic Effect



20 Aug, 20201

Kratom Nootropic Effect

Nootropics also known as “smart drugs” are commonly used as cognitive enhancers. Is it possible Kratom can serve as a Nootropic? With reported benefits such as improvement in memory, focus, creativity and concentration. These benefits are a result of the nootropics increasing the activity in your neurotransmitters, specifically your dopamine and norepinephrine levels which play a key role in sustaining mood and motivation. Nootropics can be either natural or synthetic and can be purchased with or without a prescription depending on the type. 

Nootropics have recently been exploding in popularity in the world of athletic performance. The whole concept of “mind of matter” or “the first muscle to quit is your mind” highlights exactly what nootropics are capable of doing for your workout. While not all nootropics assist in athletic performance, for those who are constantly looking for the next best thing for performance enhancement, Kratom’s nootropic effect has become more and more popular due to it’s reported energy and focus boost. So now instead of athletes reaching for their pre-workout or third cup of joe, they instead migrate towards their Kratom supplements. 

Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa is an evergreen plant that comes from the coffee tree family in Southeast Asia. Coffee which is a well known source of the alkaloid caffeine, just happens to be categorized as one of the top natural nootropics and is the most widely consumed nootropic in the world. Kratom’s alkaloids 

Is Kratom a Nootropic?

While Kratom is not officially categorized as a nootropic, it is often reported that certain strains offer a boost in mental clarity and focus similar to nootropics. Some of the nootropic type properties that Kratom users have reported are improved mood, reduced anxiety, increased motivation and focus and an overall cognitive enhancement. While there is no specific amount of Kratom nootropic for an elevated cognitive effect, users have reported the a lower to medium range seem to create this effect. 

Kratom Strains with Reported Nootropic Effects

Here are some the strains of Kratom that have been reported by users to attain the nootropic effect:

Maeng Da– known to increase focus and energy 

Green Malay– known to help with focus 

Super Red Borneo – known to increase focus and energy 

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