Buying Kratom With a Credit Card


17 Nov, 20200

Buying Kratom With a Credit Card

We are so used to being able to swipe a card to buy almost anything we want, it is almost shocking when we can’t. If you have been following Kratom for any time at all, you will have noticed that using a Credit Card when checking out seems almost impossible. Why is this? Well it comes down to how the FDA has tried to pressure Kratom Businesses, making it almost impossible to get a merchant account. Luckily we here at Kingdom Kratom are able to take credit and debit cards now! Just select it at checkout. Kratom vendors are one of the few vendors out there that are still putting up a fight when it comes to being able to offer purchases with a credit or debit card. So Why is Credit Payment an Issue for some Kratom Vendors? 

Kratom Vendors and Credit 

There is a category of businesses that fall into the category of what is called high risk merchants and they receive this label by the credit card companies, but it’s as a result of being an industry that is still marked as being controversial. Not so controversial that they are considered illegal or corrupt, but enough that the credit companies try to make it that much more challenging for the vendors to use their services in an attempt to avoid possible complications. They do this by issuing much higher rates to these merchants, rates that are often times ten times higher than the average rate. 

Other High Risk Merchants

Kratom vendors are not alone in this high risk category either. There are several other industries that face the same struggles. To name a few: 

  • Online Casinos and Gambling Websites
  • CBD Products 
  • E-Cigarettes 
  • Adult Entertainment 
  • Weapons 
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Air Travel
  • Web Hosting 

So What Type of Payments Do They Accept?

For the Kratom vendors who are currently unable to provide credit and debit card payments as an option they typically will use cryptocurrency which is a digital or virtual currency that is secured by cryptography. And some vendors will even accept wholesale checks. 

Here at Kingdom Kratom we are happy to report that we accept both credit and debit cards as payment. 

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