How Much Kratom to Take


15 Sep, 20210

How Much Kratom to Take

Kratom has been used in Southeast Asia for centuries for pain relief, relaxation, and for focus, energy, and a sense of euphoria. So, how can one substance do it all? Well, it depends on the type of Kratom and how much you take, along with several other factors. Let’s take a closer look at how much Kratom to take. 

Things that affect your Kratom effect and dosage:

  • The vein of Kratom you take – red, white, green, or yellow
  • The strain of Kratom you take – whether it be a Malay or a Maeng Da or another type
  • Your height, weight, metabolic rate, and sensitivity to substances
  • If you have eaten before you take it
  • Your Kratom tolerance 

The general consensus — to figure out what’s the best Kratom dosage for you — is to start small and work your way up. This way you can see how your body reacts and how a particular type of Kratom may affect you.

What happens if I take too much Kratom? 

If you consume too much, you could get what’s known as the “Kratom wobbles”. This can make your eyes twitchy and blur your vision, which can lead you to feel nauseous and dizzy. You may also get a headache and generally have an unpleasant time. Kratom is meant to make you feel good, so it is best to start small to find your ideal dosage.

How do I measure my Kratom?

Kratom can come as a powder, capsule, extract, tincture, or gum. Powder is the most common form, so let’s take a closer look at Kratom powder dosage.

Because Kratom powder can come as loosely ground leaves, a fine powder, or a superfine powder, measuring it by volume (i.e., teaspoons or tablespoons) is not particularly accurate. This is because a teaspoon of superfine Kratom powder will contain a lot more of the product than the same measure of loosely ground leaves. A rough guide is 1 rounded teaspoon =~2.5-3.5g and 1 rounded tablespoon = 6-8g. The most accurate way to measure is to get a scale that weighs to the milligram. You can pick one up easily from your local supermarket. 

How much Kratom should I take? 

Most Kratom powder doses range from 2-12g and can be broken down as follows:

  • Microdose: lower than 2g – take for a mildly stimulating effect in place of your morning cup of coffee.
  • Low dose: between 2-6g – take for a stimulating, energizing, or euphoric effect.
  • High dose: over 6g – take for pain relief and a calming and sedative effect.
  • Heavy dose: over 8g – take for pain relief and calming and sedative effect – this is too strong for most people.

A rough starting guide would be 1.5-2g for women and 2-3g for men, then add 1g every 30-40 minutes until the desired effect. It’s best to err on the side of less is more, and note that everyone’s tolerance differs. Smaller doses generally result in improving energy and focus. Larger doses have a sedative and analgesic effect.

Kratom dosage according to  desired effect

Kratom dosage for pain

For pain relief, it’s recommended to take a strain that is higher in mitragynine, as this acts on your opioid receptors to provide an analgesic effect.

If you have mild pain, 2-4g is usually a suitable dosage. For moderate pain, 3-5g will probably do the trick. If you have severe pain, the common dosage is 5g.

Our more potent strains that are particularly good for pain are: Red or Green Maeng Da, Red or Green Super strains, and Red Bali.

Kratom dosage for energy and focus

A lower dose of Kratom is required for energy and focus. Usually, this is around 2-4g and you can also microdose (1g) to give you a boost.

White Veined Kratom and Green Veined Kratom are often great choices for a stimulating and energizing effect.

Our strains that are particularly good for energy, euphoria, and focus are: Green or White Maeng Da, Green or White Super strains, and White Horn.

Kratom dosage for anxiety

For anxiety, you need to find the sweet spot. You don’t want to underdose and get a stimulant effect that increases your anxiety. You also don’t want to take too much and get a Kratom wobble.

People usually take around 3 -4g of Kratom powder for anxiety. If you’re still very anxious after 45 minutes, consider adding doses in 1g increments.

Our strains that are particularly good for anxiety are: Gold Bali, Yellow Vietnam, and Green Velvet.

Kratom dosage for mood elevation

Most Kratom doses and strains are reported to help to elevate mood as they tend to provide a euphoric, spirit-lifting feeling.

People who are taking Kratom for mood elevation usually take about 1-2g for a mild effect, 2-4g for a moderate effect, and 4g or more for an intense effect. 

Our strains that are particularly good for mood elevation are: Green Velvet, Super Green strains, Green Malay, and White Samarinda

Take Kratom on an empty stomach

It’s best to take Kratom on an empty stomach for two reasons: 

Firstly, it gets digested more quickly if your stomach isn’t full of food. On an empty stomach, it should take about 30-40 mins to feel the effects. On a full stomach, it could take up to 90 mins. However, if you typically have issues with consuming supplements, take Kratom when you’ve eaten to lessen the effects on your stomach.

Secondly, If you happen to be sensitive to Kratom and take too much, you could get nauseous or vomit, so it’s best to have nothing in your stomach.

It’s worth noting that the onset of capsules is slower than powder, as your stomach first must dissolve the capsule.

You will usually feel the effects of Kratom for around 5-6 hours

Smart and sensible Kratom dosing 

Start small,  see how you feel, and increase your dose as required. We typically recommend using a small dose (~2g) at first and then evaluating how you feel and adding ~1-2g every 45 minutes until you feel ideal. Everyone is different and our bodies process it differently. 

Kratom is meant to be enjoyed and used sparingly to improve your quality of life. The right dosage is essential to get the desired effects and avoid any potential side effects.

Our team of passionate experts here at Kingdom Kratom are available to answer your questions about your Kratom dosage and which Kratom to choose. We also offer Kratom sample packs, so you can determine which one is the best fit for you.


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