What is Green Thai Kratom


4 Dec, 20200

What is Green Thai Kratom

True Thai Kratom is the other name that has been given to this green vein strain of Kratom that is strangely enough not grown in Thailand, but instead named for the strain’s similarities to Thai culture. Green vein Kratom lovers flock to Kratom vendors who carry this unique Green Strain commonly referred to as Green Thai. So what is it exactly that sets this green strain apart?

What is True Thai (Green Thai)?

Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa is a tropical evergreen tree of the coffee plant family. Kratom is native to the rain forests of Southeast Asia and has been used successfully for centuries as a workers aid and for medicinal purpose. Kratom has many strains broken down by color families and today we are talking about a particular strain from the green vein Kratom family.

Green Thai is one of the few green strains out there that a Kratom user would even consider giving up their morning coffee for. Green Thai has a higher content of 7-Hydroxymitragynine or 7-OH which is one of the main alkaloids found in Kratom and has the reputation for being the most stimulating alkaloid. So Green Thai is reported to boost energy while also improving mood, offering analgesic properties and relieving the pressures of stress. Green Thai is a well-rounded green strain and is very popular among Kratom users that work in manual labor as it is reported to have the ability to keep you going all day long and can contribute to your positive attitude while you work.

So while there are plenty of other stronger stimulating strains out there like the ever popular stimulating white strains, this green strain might be worth giving a shot to since it comes with the other added benefits that seek to really balance it out quite nicely. 

We hope this has helped you figure out what Green Thai Kratom is! At Kingdom Kratom, our products are sourced from within Indonesia, from verified farmers with whom we have built strong relationships with over the years. While we do not yet carry Green Thai, we do carry two very comparable alternatives-Green Elephant Kratom and Green Malay. Our products are tested and packed in the U.S. Our team at Kingdom Kratom are Kratom experts, and we’re happy to field questions from newcomers and devotees alike. If you have more questions about Green Thai Kratom or any other strains, please ask! Plus, we also offer sampler packs so that you can try out new strains for yourself. Check them out here or contact us for more information!

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