Crafting Kratom Drinks


10 Apr, 20240

Crafting Kratom Drinks

Remember your first time tasting kratom? Interestingly, most people describe the herb as tasting like earth or plain dirt. Native users in Southeast Asia are accustomed to consuming it raw or in a tea, but for many, kratom’s taste must be masked — or just endured. While some become accustomed to the bitter herbal taste and take it via the “toss and wash method” with simply an orange juice chaser, most seek other more creative ways to mask the flavor.

Our team here at Kingdom Kratom has found some unique ways for you to get your kratom down. Read on to find ways to elevate your kratom experience by learning to create kratom drinks, including infused teas, smoothies and cocktails.

The art of brewing a kratom drink

For centuries, Southeast Asians ingested kratom by chewing the raw leaf or making tea for sipping. The kratom herb (Mitragyna speciosa) helped workers in the field fight fatigue and improved their work productivity. Today, kratom is used for pain and relaxation, as well as for focus, energy, and, yes, even euphoria. It’s one of the most exciting and valuable herbs in the world because of its ability to have such a wide variety of potential effects depending on the dose and the strain. 

Whether new to kratom or a connoisseur, realize that creating your drinks requires caution. Anything liquid infused into your system may be felt quicker than solids or capsules. So, start slowly in your experimentation until you’re comfortable with the effects of the dose and strain. Then, take cues from craft cocktail recipes and infuse your drinks with juices and staples like bitters, simple syrup, and various fresh powdered mixes to instantly transform you into an amateur mixologist. 

What are the best strains to use in drinks?

Generally, nearly every strain of kratom can be used to make drinks. Favorites, and their effects, are:

Strains for Energy

Strains to promote relaxation

  • Red Thai Kratom Powder – A potent strain that has superior effects for relieving pain and relaxation.
  • Red Bali Kratom Powder – A potent strain for pain relief and promoting relaxation and sleep.
  • Chocolate Kratom Powder – A very relaxing strain and one of the “slowest” strains. It is named after chocolate due to its color, not its taste.


Kratom teas

In Southeast Asia, people traditionally enjoy kratom by chewing the fresh leaves or brewing it into tea. So many cultures have this tradition of enjoying a cup of tea daily. Make a simple cup of kratom tea by boiling the water in a saucepan. Remove the water from the stove and let sit to cool slightly before adding a teaspoon or more of Ma Daeng Green Kratom powder. Do not overheat the water, as heat breaks down kratom’s active ingredients. Steep for 15 minutes or shorter for a milder tea. Strain the kratom powder with a generic strainer or cheesecloth, add lemon and a sweetener like agave syrup, maple syrup or honey, and serve at room temperature or chilled for an iced tea. Tea flavors are a personal choice, though many prefer Earl Gray because it has an unmistakably aromatic, citrusy, subtly sweet flavor thanks to the presence of bergamot essential oil. Other popular tea flavors are peppermint and spearmint.

Kratom-inspired smoothies 

If you are a fitness buff and love protein shakes for energy and endurance, kratom in your smoothie is a great add-on. You can find many ways to prepare nutritious and delicious kratom smoothies before or after your workout. Mask the taste of kratom taste by using simple, premade store-bought mixes to the more elaborate Kingdom Kratom homemade smoothies. Kingdom Kratom offers a variety of kitchen-tested recipes using all-natural healthy ingredients.

You’ll find the recipes for the Green Kratom Smoothie, the Chocolate Nut Butter Smoothie and the Tropical Fruit Smoothie on the Kingdom Kratom website. In addition, you can make your kratom smoothie even healthier by adding adaptogens to antioxidants, protein to probiotics, super-greens to super-fruits, omegas, fiber, digestive enzymes, electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, and more.

A favorite among the pre-mixed smoothies that you can pick up in any convenience store is the Naked Strawberry Banana Protein Shake. It masks the kratom nearly entirely and provides decent protein and nutrition. Try it with Green Malay Kratom powder or  Green Velvet Kratom.

Explore kratom juice drinks

Kratom & orange Juice:  A fresh glass of orange juice energizes your morning and provides a healthy way to begin your day. Mix a teaspoonful of your favorite kratom powder into your orange juice to turn your kratom into a healthy, fruity drink. In addition, orange juice acts as a kratom potentiator, actually making the kratom stronger. The citric acid enzymes in orange juice help the kratom alkaloids dissolve to get carried into your body faster. Mix the juice with Green Maeng Da KratomWhite Maeng Da Kratom, or Super White Borneo Kratom powders for that energetic lift.

Kratom & lemonade Juice: Revitalize yourself and integrate kratom into your everyday routine by mixing it into a glass of lemonade. The lemon has a strong enough flavor to mask the bitterness of the kratom. In addition, lemonade’s anti-oxidizing and refreshing properties make it the perfect drink after a busy morning. Prepare your lemonade as usual, and add a teaspoon of the desired amount of kratom powder and your favorite sweetener to nearly completely disguise the taste of kratom.

Kratom & grapefruit Juice: Combine grapefruit juice and kratom for another excellent drink. Grapefruit juice helps mask kratom’s bitter and earthy flavors. Mix your desired kratom with a glass of grapefruit juice, add sugar or honey if needed, and shake well. A  couple of caveats with grapefruit: this fruit can potentiate Kratom alkaloids to act faster. Also, grapefruits may adversely interact with a handful of statin cholesterol-lowering medications.

Kratom mocha coffee drinks

Another fantastic way to completely mask the bitter flavors of kratom and enjoy a flavorful and nutritious drink is by mixing it with chocolate, instant coffee and some cocoa for a mocha Kratom drink. Try Chocolate Kratom Powder for this one! A blender works best to froth and thoroughly mix up the connection. Use cool milk or warm only a little, as heat can inactivate the Mitragyna alkaloids.

Crafty kratom cocktails on the go

Whether hosting or attending a party or planning to sip a kratom drink alone, create your signature kratom cocktails to liven up the experience. Use premade sugar-free mixes like orange-flavored Crystal Light or various flavored electrolyte powdered mixes to turn your kratom into a delicious beverage. Make sure to power-blend it or give it a vigorous shake now and then to keep it from settling. Prepare a drink beforehand by mixing a spoonful of Green Velvet Kratom and a dash of lemon or orange mix into any water bottle to consume slowly throughout the day.

We’re always looking for new and exciting ways to consume kratom. We’d love for you to share your favorite recipes! Please send them to

Kingdom Kratom – your trusted source for all things kratom

Since 2017, we at Kingdom Kratom have made it our mission to help people around the world harness the power of kratom to live better lives. After seeing firsthand what was possible through kratom, we knew others were missing out. So – we set out to find the top farms in the world so you can get the quality you deserve. Our products are grown and harvested in the jungles of Southeast Asia. After harvest, they are ground and shipped without additives or filler ingredients. The farms we partner with only harvest their kratom from mature trees – so you know you’re getting the potency necessary to boost your energy/focus.

What’s more, we test our products strictly to ensure they meet our standards for potency/purity. And with a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, what more could you ask for? How about free shipping on all orders over $75? Now that’s some deal!

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