Kratom Gummies

Kratom Extract Gummy


17 Nov, 20200

Kratom Gummies

In these modern on the go times we are living in everyone always seems to be looking for a quick and convenient way to consume their daily supplements. Add that to the fact that it seems as though you can get any vitamin or supplement in an edible form these day and it’s no surprise that Kratom vendors have gone in that direction as well. Kratom Gummies have recently become the latest and greatest new way to consume your daily Kratom. So what exactly are these Gummies?

Kratom Extract Gummies 

Kratom connoisseurs have been taking their daily Kratom in capsule and messy powder toss-n-wash form for years, and many of them are looking to spice up their routine and simplify the process. Kratom Gummies (and Extract Shots) are great ways to make that happen. These Gummies are known to be a more concentrated version of Kratom as they are made from Kratom extract, which is known to be higher in the Kratom’s key alkaloids- Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine. So they are convenient, mess free and possess more of a kick than your standard Kratom. So how are Kratom Gummies made?

How Kratom Gummies are Made?

Kratom gummies are made from the extract of Kratom. This process takes place by using a process called Water-Based Extraction. Basically the Kratom leaves are dissolved in a mixture of ethanol and water, then citric acid is added to this blend and is shaken vigorously until mixed. This mixture is kept in a cool dark place for rough 7-14 days and results in a thick solution. This solution is then strained into a more concentrated form of Kratom. To make the gummies this extract is added to gelatin powder, boiling water and a fruit juice or flavoring of choice, a sweetener, a choice oil such as coconut oil and any additional preservatives chosen. The ingredients are then placed in an airtight container to set and cut into any shape you can imagine. The end result are delicious little life altering treats. 

Kratom Gummy Effects 

Since Kratom Gummies are extract based we know that the effects will be stronger than our standard Kratom. So what should we expect to experience? Here are a few of the reported benefits:

  • Energy and Focus 
  • Decreased Appetite
  • Improved Mood and Sense of Calm
  • Increased Libido 

Kratom Gummy Strength 

Each Kratom Gummy will differ, but Kratom experts estimate that each gummy is approximately 8-10g of Kratom Equivalent. So it’s a pretty decent way to take your daily Kratom.

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We hope this has helped you to understand what Kratom Gummies are if they are the right form of Kratom for you. At Kingdom Kratom all of our products are sourced from within Indonesia and from verified farmers with whom we have worked to build strong relationships with over the years. All of our products are tested and packed here in the United States. Our team here at Kingdom Kratom are Kratom experts and are happy to field questions from newcomers and devotees alike. If you have any questions about Kratom Gummies or any other Kratom products please feel free to ask! Plus we offer a sample packs available so you can try out new Kratom strains.

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