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Yellow Vein Kratom

If you’re looking for a strain that can do it all – boost your energy, enhance your mood, and relieve aches and pains – our Yellow Vein Kratom is exactly what you need. Shop now and see for yourself what separates this unique strain from the rest!

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Our Potent, Pure Yellow Vein Kratom is Perfect for Anytime Use!

Most kratom varieties have an ideal intended use. For example, white vein kratom is a perfect choice for helping you boost your focus and energy levels during the day. On the other hand, red vein kratom can be used to help you wind down and relax at night. What if you’re looking for something that falls somewhere in the middle, though?

That’s where this particular strain comes in.

Yellow Kratom may be a lesser-known vein – but those who have had the pleasure of trying it firsthand love it intensely. And it’s easy to see the appeal of this variety.

It has a high mix of both the two main Kratom alkaloids –the mood-elevating Mitragynine and the energy-boosting 7-OH. While most strains are immediately dried and ground upon harvesting, Yellow Kratom is fermented. This gives it different properties than most other Kratom.

Specifically, this slight fermentation process enhances the strain’s mood-elevating effects – while contributing to a slight energy boost as well. You can use it day or night to harness the power of kratom in your own life. And here at Kingdom Kratom, you’ll gain access to the most potent, pure selection the industry has to offer.

Why You Can Trust Us For All Your Kratom Needs

Our relentless commitment to providing our community with the finest kratom products possible sets us apart from the competition. We take our sourcing very seriously and have vetted dozens of farms to uncover what is truly the most elite, ethical kratom cultivars worldwide.

These farmers are experts in their craft, and honor the traditions of growing kratom as it was intended – deep in the forest and waiting for plants to reach full maturity before harvesting. This maximizes the strength of key alkaloids responsible for how yellow vein kratom makes you feel.

And to confirm potency (along with purity), we lab-test all our offerings. This means you can trust that you’re getting the quality you deserve when shopping here with us. To really help you shop with confidence, we’ve even put a 100% satisfaction guarantee in place across our catalog.

In the rare event something is amiss with your order, just let us know and we will make it right as fast as possible. After all, our relationship with you means more to us than our bottom line. All of this is tied together with free shipping on orders over $75, same-day shipping on orders placed before 1 PM CST, and free samples!

Experience the Magic of Yellow Vein Kratom Firsthand!

The only question now is – which specific strain are you going to start with? The most popular are gold bali kratom, yellow borneo kratom, and yellow vietnam kratom. We have both yellow vein kratom capsules and yellow vein kratom powder – so no matter where your preferences lie, we can help you experience the magic of yellow vein kratom firsthand!


Yellow Kratom is a slightly fermented Kratom that has high quantities of the two main alkaloids in Kratom – Mitragynine and 7-OH. But due to the fermentation, there are slightly different properties!

They are great as all-day/anytime strains! They are said to have great mood boosting qualities while also providing an energy boost

Gold Bali and Yellow Borneo are the most well known and popular, although Yellow Vietnam is a staff favorite!

We recommend reading the descriptions and reviews and figuring out which sounds best to you! If you aren’t sure what to try, grab a Sample Pack and get a bulk discount while trying up to 4 strains!

You can take it either with straight Kratom Powder or via Capsules! Check our blog on more ideas on how to take Kratom!

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