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Kratom Extract

Kratom extract is a concentrated form of Kratom. An extraction process is used to separate the alkaloids from the actual plant matter, making extracts a highly potent form of Kratom. A lower Kratom extract dosage is needed versus the powder or capsules, which are less potent.

This method of consuming Kratom is more costly due to the time required to create Kratom extracts. However, people like Kratom extract because it is easy to use, convenient, and potent, which offers value for money. 

Extracts contain a high concentration of Kratom, so it has more substantial effects and will therefore last longer. It is also easy to mix into other food items or drinks. 

Kratom liquid extract drinks are one of the most popular products available. For example, our “Tasteless Kratom” consists of a flavorless high-potency extract that is combined with fruit-punch flavored powder. Kratom extracts also come in edible products, such as gummies.


Kratom extract is a concentrated form of Kratom made using an extraction process that separates the alkaloids from the actual plant matter.

Kratom extract is used to make liquid Kratom products, such as drinks. These serve as a convenient, potent way to enjoy Kratom.

As Kratom extract is highly concentrated, you need a lower dosage than with Kratom powder. A Kratom extract dosage between one to two grams should be sufficient.

The best way to consume Kratom extract is in a pre-made liquid extract drink. Or, you can make your own liquid extract drink at home.

Yes, Kratom extract is more potent than Kratom powder and capsules because the alkaloids are more highly concentrated.

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