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smoking kratom
Can You Smoke Kratom? Everything You Need to Know About Smoking Kratom Leaf

Can you smoke  Kratom? Indeed this is a loaded question, as smoking Kratom can be done. In fact, in its geographical origin of Southeast Asia, the dried leaves of Kratom have been known in rare cases to be smoked. However, traditionally in these areas, it is either chewed or brewed [...]

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What is Red Hulu Kapuas Kratom?

Red Hulu Kapuas Kratom is a rare strain of kratom grown in the wild in the dense forests of Hulu Kapuas in Indonesia. Located in the Western region of Indonesia, the Hulu Kapuas River consists mainly of dense forests. But the unique freshwater of the Kapuas River, hot and humid [...]

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Crafting Kratom Drinks

Remember your first time tasting kratom? Interestingly, most people describe the herb as tasting like earth or plain dirt. Native users in Southeast Asia are accustomed to consuming it raw or in a tea, but for many, kratom’s taste must be masked — or just endured. While some become accustomed [...]

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What is Indo Kratom?

Kratom is a natural remedy derived from the Mitragyna speciosa tree of the coffee plant family. This tree is grown predominantly in the tropical climates of Southeast Asia and is indigenous to Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea. It has been used by local workers for centuries as [...]

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Sample Packs
Kratom Blends

So you’ve tried Kratom and loved it, but now you want to explore more. Specifically, you want to know more about the different strains and blends. So let’s start with some basics before we delve deeper into the intricacies of the various Kratom blends available on the market.  What is [...]

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Kratom Bible
The Kratom Bible

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to find everything you could know about Kratom in one all-encompassing place? The information here has been collected to do just that. We hope that after reading this Kratom Bible, you’ll be better informed about all things Kratom. Come back here again and again [...]

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Colorado and Missouri Pass the Kratom Consumer Protection Act

On May 17, 2022, state legislators in Colorado and Missouri passed the Kratom Consumer Protection Act! Both governors will sign these bills into law in due order. This continues the significant progress that the American Kratom Association (AKA) and other Kratom advocacy groups have made to regulate Kratom in individual [...]

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Kratom Smoothies

Kratom is a tree of the coffee plant family that grows in Southeast Asia. It has been used for centuries by the locals to make a herbal remedy that acts as a stimulant to start the day or a sedative to wind down in the evenings. This is due to [...]

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Kratom Honey Balls

Kratom, or Mitragyna speciosa, is a tree grown in Southeast Asia. Its leaves are crushed and used as a stimulant in low doses and as a sedative and analgesic in higher doses. The alkaloids in its leaves, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, interact with the opioid receptors in the brain to cause [...]

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What is Elephant Kratom?

Kratom is a tropical tree grown in Southeast Asia that has been used by the locals for centuries as a herbal remedy. Its technical name is Mitragyna speciosa and it is a plant of the coffee family. The leaves of Kratom are chewed, dried, and crushed to a fine powder [...]

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Kratom vs. Kava

​​If you’ve heard of Kratom, you’ve probably also heard of Kava, and you may be wondering what the difference is between the two. Kratom and Kava have been consumed for centuries and are often used interchangeably or confused with one another. However, while they have similarities in their appearance and [...]

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How to Make the Best Kratom Blends

If you are even the slightest bit familiar with the Kratom world, you probably know that there are three main color strain families: red, green, and white. However, have you ever wanted to mix and match your Kratom but are unsure how? Here is a quick guide on making the [...]

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Yellow Thai Kratom

Every so often a Kratom strain comes around that is so unique and so rare that people might even question the existence of it all together. Yellow Thai Kratom is very much that strain. This yellow strain is unique on so many different levels and as a result leaves Kratom [...]

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What is JongKong Kratom?

JongKong is a region of Indonesia on the Kapuas River. JongKong Kratom is grown here along the river and as such it is an extremely rare type of kratom. There are three separate strains of JongKong and they are Green JongKong, Red JongKong and White JongKong, each with their own [...]

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Stem and Vein Kratom

What if I told you that there was a form of Kratom that you could add to your daily Kratom routine that could save you money. Whether you are new to Kratom and just beginning your research or a seasoned Kratom connoisseur I’m sure the idea of saving money on [...]

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Red Vietnam Kratom

Is it just me or does it seem like there is a new strain of Kratom popping up like week? So many amazing strains to choose from that it just makes you want to have a sample of each and every one of them to help you figure out which [...]

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Gold Thai Kratom

Blended Kratom strains seem to be all the rage in the Kratom universe these days. Taking one powerful and popular strain and combining it with an additional powerhouse of a strain for a new and improved strain just seems to be where it’s at. Today we are going to discuss [...]

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Red Sumatra Kratom

We are currently living through one of the highest stress times of our lifetime. Navigating life through a pandemic can be excruciatingly stressful. We find ourselves seeking out refuge from anxiety caused by the overwhelming amount of negative news we see when we turn on our televisions and we find [...]

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What is Green Thai Kratom

True Thai Kratom is the other name that has been given to this green vein strain of Kratom that is strangely enough not grown in Thailand, but instead named for the strain’s similarities to Thai culture. Green vein Kratom lovers flock to Kratom vendors who carry this unique Green Strain [...]

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White Dragon Kratom

So let’s talk about Kratom blends. Kratom blends are typically a combination of two or more complimentary Kratom strains, brought together to create a new and improved Kratom strain. One extremely sought after Kratom blend in the Kratom world is called White Dragon Kratom. So what exactly is it about [...]

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