Best Kratom for Pain


24 Sep, 20225

Best Kratom for Pain

Finding the best way to ease aches and pain, whether they are from chronic or acute issues, can be hard work. Fortunately, plenty of natural products like the herb Kratom can offer effective relief. For example, farmworkers in Southeast Asia traditionally used Kratom to manage fatigue and pain from working in the fields all day. Likewise, Kratom can help alleviate pain from modern life, from sitting at a desk all day to sports-related injuries. In addition, Kratom has many anti-inflammatory effects, which can do a lot to relieve issues related to pain. 

In this article, you’ll learn: 

Is Kratom good for pain relief? 

In a recent double-blind placebo-controlled study, Kratom has “demonstrated a substantial and statistically significant increase in pain tolerance,” according to the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine research paper. However, the research team stated that “further rigorous research on Kratom pain-relieving properties and a safety profile is needed.”

There’s a lot to know about Kratom. Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is an evergreen tree native to the rainforests of Southeast Asia. The Kratom tree is related to the coffee plant and consists of two main active compounds: mitragynine and hydroxymitragynine. These compounds are known for their ability to interact with pain receptors in the body, reducing the sense of pain. 

Kratom is a very versatile plant; its effects differ based on dosage and strain. People using Kratom have found various uses, such as helping with anxiety, sleep, focus, energy, ADHD, and pain. Typically, higher doses of Kratom create more soothing effects that help with pain and sleep—the lower the amount, the more stimulative the effects, such as energy and feelings of euphoria. 

What are the best Kratom strains for pain? 

Different Kratom strains have varying effects on the body, so choosing the right strain for your needs is essential. For example, if you’re hoping to experience pain relief, red veins are reportedly the best Kratom strains for managing pain symptoms.

Red Bali Kratom

For subtle pain relief, Red Bali Kratom is a popular choice. Grown in Malaysia and Indonesia, the strain is known for targeting mild pain such as dull joint pain, tightness, and overall feelings of discomfort. In addition, its high levels of 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine help with pain because the alkaloid creates sedative effects, making it excellent for promoting sleep and relaxation when the pain gets in the way. 

Main features:

  • Promotes mild pain relief
  • Helps with sleep
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Mild sedative effects
  • Can help with anxiety

Red Borneo Kratom

Red Borneo Kratom is the ideal strain for long-lasting relief. The strain’s effects are less immediate but have more enduring effects, which means it’s excellent for daily managing chronic conditions such as migraines, aches, and even depression. In addition, many say that Kratom helps dull long-lasting pain receptors, clearing the mind to think more clearly and positively, with subtle mood-boosting benefits. 

Main features:

  • Long-lasting pain relief and sedation
  • Ideal for daily pain management 
  • Can help with depression
  • Aids relaxation and stress relief 

Maeng Da Kratom

Part of the Red Vein Kratom variety, Maeng Da Kratom is the strongest and fastest-acting strain of Kratom for pain relief. Originating in Indonesia, the strain is a blend of various red vein plants into one super red vein strain. If taken in higher doses, Maeng Da Kratom provides strong sedative effects that can help with sleep and extreme pain relief. Taken in lower doses, Maeng Da Kratom is energizing while also helping ease pain due to its high levels of 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Main features:

  • Strong relief
  • Boosts energy
  • Assists with sleep (higher doses)
  • Fast-acting 


To ensure the best results for pain relief, the dosage of Kratom has a significant impact. Generally speaking, higher doses have more sedative and pain-relieving effects. On the other hand, lower doses produce more stimulating results, such as boosting mood and providing energy. 

However, each strain of Kratom has different properties, which means different doses will produce varying effects. Also, different amounts work differently for everyone. Therefore it’s essential to educate yourself on the various strains of Kratom and the recommended dosage before you start your Kratom journey. 

If you’re new to Kratom, make sure you begin with small doses. For example, many suggest between two and four grams is generally an excellent place to start, and between three and five grams is usually best to promote relief from pain-related inflammatory issues. 


Kratom users consume it in powder, capsule, or extract form. The recommended method to take Kratom for pain depends on what you prefer. 

  • Kratom powder is excellent if you enjoy your Kratom in smoothies or if you don’t mind the bitter taste and prefer the “Toss and Wash method.” 
  • From a dosage perspective, capsules are ideal because they contain exact measurements, making them accessible and convenient. 
  • Extracts are the most potent and immediate form of Kratom and can be an excellent method for consuming Kratom if you require strong and quick relief. 

How often to take Kratom for pain relief

The frequency of Kratom use depends on individual circumstances, such as the type of pain, dosage, and Kratom strain the user takes. 

To consistently manage inflammatory issues that cause pain, taking Kratom daily in low doses throughout the day is recommended (two or three times per day is usually sufficient). However, if you are looking for more immediate pain management, taking a higher dose in the morning is best to sustain you throughout the day.  


Kratom is a great tool to help manage inflammatory issues that cause pain. The alkaloids help alleviate pain and promote relaxation, sedation, and sleep. Ensure you take Kratom inadequate doses at spaced-out intervals throughout the day to avoid over-consumption. Also, research what Kratom will work best for managing your pain before you begin your Kratom journey. 


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