WHO Decision On Kratom Review


11 Dec, 20215

WHO Decision On Kratom Review

World Health Organization Rejects Kratom Critical Review

Kratom advocates everywhere will be thrilled to hear that the World Health Organization (WHO) has decided not to recommend that Kratom be banned internationally following a scientific review of the plant.

There were major concerns that the WHO’s Executive Committee on Drug Dependency (ECDD) would either recommend international controls placed over Kratom, or recommend a critic review that could have led to a recommendation to schedule the plant. While the WHO is not a policing agency, in the past plants and substances have almost always been banned after a WHO recommendation to schedule.

In its report released this week, members of the ECDD voted 11-1 to monitor Kratom over the next few years, rather than put forth any controls. Members found “insufficient evidence” that Kratom warrants a more in-depth review at this point. While this is something we all know about the safety of Kratom, the WHO faced extreme pressure and misinformation from the FDA regarding the plant, and luckily they let the science speak for itself.

Due to the efforts of the American Kratom Association and several other Association, over 80,000 comments were submitted from the public sharing their experiences with the plant.

We thank everyone that took the time to submit comments that were submitted to the WHO, as the current use of Kratom as an aid for both energy and pain – as well as the historical use of it throughout the World – weighed heavily on the WHO’s decision to not recommend additional action be taken on Kratom.

5 thoughts on “WHO Decision On Kratom Review

  1. Scott Caggiano says:

    Not only was this good news, but it’s the right call. Overwhelming scientific evidence AND user input can’t be ignored, and since the WHO is supposed to represent the people, they did the right thing. Glad to hear it, thank you all for your efforts!

  2. Karen Hetherington says:

    Organic substances from the same Earth the humans Anthropos came from, cannot be banned. We the people did not put anyone in WHO.
    We did not elect them. They serve interests antithetical to best interests of humanity. Isn’t WHO the group that started this covid vaxx nightmare on the population of the world? Now perhaps people who are suffering and dying from the vaxx can get pain relief with Kratom.

  3. Gina DeLange says:

    That just makes me so happy!!! Cause it really does help so many people. And it even helps me think more clearly and helps me with pain and energy, I’m so thankful for it.

  4. William Monahan says:

    I’m a retired Victim-Witness Coordinator for a prosecuting office and I am SO relieved. This plant has kept me focused and off of alcohol going on nine years. It is my miracle plant. I don’t know where I would turn if it was banned World-Wide.

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