Is Kratom Legal in New Hampshire in 2024?


1 Apr, 20240

Is Kratom Legal in New Hampshire in 2024?

From the rugged coastline to the soaring White Mountains, this northeastern state is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. Kratom is a popular herb here, but is it legal? Yes, in New Hampshire in 2023, Kratom is legal. 

  • Laws and legislation of Kratom in New Hampshire
  • Where can I buy Kratom?
  • Kratom Advocacy in New Hampshire

Laws and legislation of Kratom in New Hampshire

The current legal status of Kratom in New Hampshire is one of the more unique Kratom situations in the United States. Kratom is legal for anyone 18 or older throughout New Hampshire except in the small town of Franklin, where it is illegal for all ages. 

There have been multiple attempts made to ban Kratom in New Hampshire. The first one was Senate Bill 540 in 2016, which intended to ban Kratom’s sales, possession, distribution and manufacturing in the entire state. However, the bill was quickly tabled as a result of many Kratom users giving their testimony as to how Kratom had changed their lives. The most impactful of testimonies was from senate representative Shem Kellogg who shared the story of his battle with colon cancer, which led him to a morphine addiction due to his pain. He claimed that it was Kratom that helped him to overcome it. In 2019, the city of Franklin made Kratom illegal in its entirety. One more attempt was made at a state legislative level to ban Kratom in 2020 with Senate Bill 758. This bill also failed due to positive testimonies from users of Kratom.

Then in 2021, House Bill 333 was passed. This bill regulates the preparation, distribution, and sale of Kratom products. This bill also prohibits the use, distribution, and sale of adulterated or contaminated Kratom products.

Where can I buy Kratom in New Hampshire?

There’s no question that you need to be careful when choosing where you buy your Kratom. You might need to do a little homework. You can buy locally and online. In both cases, you’ll want to look closely at the vendor’s source and standards. Be aware that the U.S. government does not regulate this product, so buyers must research. Although buying Kratom locally generally is more expensive, one advantage is that you get to see the product before you buy it. When you buy Kratom online, you don’t have that same benefit. However, most reputable online suppliers offer a money-back guarantee if the product doesn’t meet your standards. 

As for service and quality, online stores have the advantage here. Online stores typically have fresher products, offer more variety, and the service personnel is generally more knowledgeable about Kratom products. As for convenience, you can get your Kratom quicker by picking it up at a local store. However, most online stores fast-track their shipments to get them to you within a day, and the product is bound to be better priced and fresher.

The AKA and Kratom advocacy in New Hampshire

The American Kratom Association (AKA) is a non-profit advocacy group established in 2014, committed to preserving and protecting the freedom of Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa. Also, it advocates for regulation to ensure Kratom quality and also for research on the benefits of Kratom. The AKA continues to work tirelessly to have Kratom legal in every state. You can help in that effort by joining the AKA as a “protector” of Kratom. You’ll receive notification of any laws changes and advocacy needed. You can join the email list here.

Working in concert with the AKA, the Botanical Education Alliance also dedicates itself to educating consumers, lawmakers, law enforcement, and the media about safe and therapeutic natural supplements, including Kratom. Its mission is to increase understanding to influence public policy and protect natural supplements.

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act is under consideration in more than 20 states. As of 2023, the KPCA has passed in the following states: Utah, Georgia, Arizona, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, Missouri, and Oklahoma. 

To see if Kratom is currently legal in your state, please check out this interactive Kratom legality map.


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