Grapefruit Juice as a Kratom Potentiator


15 Oct, 20204

Grapefruit Juice as a Kratom Potentiator

Kratom and Potentiators 

Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa is a tropical evergreen tree grown in Southeast Asia and is in the coffee plant family. It is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after natural supplements with a laundry list of benefits that vary from strain to stain. From the green vein strains to the red and the white to the yellow and gold strains the benefits of Kratom range from increased energy and cognitive enhancement to providing analgesic properties and has been reported to help with anxiety symptoms and help create an over all sense of well-being and these responses can be enhanced even more when Kratom is taken with what is called a potentiator. And one of the strongest and most popular Kratom potentiators out there definitely has to be grapefruit juice.

What are Potentiators?

Potentiators are any herb, drug or chemical that can be added to a supplement to increase its efficacy. Some Kratom potentiators have been reported to not only make the effects of the supplement stronger, but some even make the effects last longer. Kratom has quite a few potentiators, but one that seems to act on a few different levels is grapefruit juice.

Grapefruit Juice and Kratom 

Anyone who has taken Kratom knows that it has a very bitter taste. So Kratom users everywhere are on the lookout for ways to mask this flavor. Enter grapefruit juice. Not only is grapefruit juice a brilliant way to reduce the bitterness of Kratom, it is also one of the best Kratom potentiators out there. This citrus juice has the ability to increase the effectiveness of Kratom and it simultaneously lengthens the duration of its effects. So the next time you want to kick your Kratom experience up a notch and improve the flavor, you should reach for a glass of grapefruit juice. 

4 thoughts on “Grapefruit Juice as a Kratom Potentiator

  1. Mary Burchett says:

    I have had lemonade work well as a potentiator as well, as long as there is actual lemon juice in it. I’ve also been taken by surprise by pineapple kicking my dose into high gear by eating some a few minutes after dosing!

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