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Super White Borneo Kratom

It’s time to make low energy & lack of focus problems of the past. With our super white Borneo kratom, you can supercharge your energy levels and focus. Get the most potent super white Borneo powder and capsules online today at Kingdom Kratom!

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Harness the Power of Super White Borneo Kratom For High Energy Days & Peak Productivity!

There’s no denying the impact that white vein kratom can have on your energy and focus. This particular vein has some of the most uplifting properties in general. However, white Borneo kratom, in particular, is highly touted for its ability to get you up and going – even on those days you’re not really feeling it. 

But, if you’re an individual who demands the most powerful kratom that packs a punch, this super white Borneo is exactly what you’re looking for!

“Super” strains are called that because the farmers specifically choose the biggest White Vein leaves to harvest for this strain. Typically the bigger the leaves, the higher the levels of the active Alkaloids in Kratom.

Super White Borneo has elevated levels of 7-OH which has been studied to be the energy and focus-boosting Alkaloid in Kratom. These high levels make Super White Borneo one of the “fastest” White Vein strains out there! While the 7-OH Alkaloid is elevated, there is still a decent amount of Mitragynine – the mood booster.

This combination makes this strain great to take before a workout or to start your day off on the right foot. And here at Kingdom Kratom, we’ve curated the highest-quality capsules and raw powder available online. Here’s why you can trust us for all your kratom needs…

Why We’re Your Trusted Kratom Source

Our mission is to help individuals like yourself experience the true power of kratom. We’ve seen what a difference it made in our own lives, and want to share that transformation with others. And in order to do that, we take a strict approach to sourcing our product.

We’ve vetted dozen of farms throughout Indonesia to find what we believe to be the best. Our farmers are experts in their craft and grow kratom as it was intended: deep in the jungle, to full maturity, and without any additives.

This ensures a highly potent and pure product, every time. And we confirm the potency and purity of our Super White Borneo Kratom through independent testing at 3rd party labs. To back it all up, we offer a satisfaction guarantee on your order. You can enjoy true peace of mind shopping here with us.

In the unlikely event you aren’t satisfied with your order, just let us know how we can make it right – whether that be helping you find a more suitable replacement product or simply issuing a full refund. Customer service is at the heart of everything we do. We’re here for you every step of the way!

Make Low Energy & Lack of Focus a Thing of the Past – Get Your Super White Borneo Kratom Today!

If you get your order placed by 1 PM CST, we’ll get it out the door today. And, you can stock up on other white vein kratom capsules or white vein kratom powder we have to offer as well – because all orders over $75 ship free! So, before you check out, consider grabbing some white horn kratom, white maeng da kratom, white malay kratom, or white samarinda kratom. We also have an abundance of other strains and varieties to help round out your regimen.

So, what are you waiting for? Supercharge your energy, concentration, and mood with our Super White Borneo Kratom today


Super White Borneo is one of the most popular White strains for an energy/focus boost.

Due to its elevated levels of the energy and focus Alkaloid 7-OH, Super White is great to take during the day for a big energy boost. Its one of the most used strains as a pre workout stimulant as well.

“Super” strains have that name because the farmers choose only the largest leaves for these strains. The larger the leaves, the higher the levels of Alkaloids tend to be, making these some of the most potent types of Kratom.

We offer Super White Borneo in both powder and capsule forms.

The most similar strains to Super White Borneo are White Maeng Da, White Malay and White Samarinda.

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