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Red Bentuangie

Red Bentuangie Kratom (or Red Bent) is one of the “slowest” strains of Kratom out there, making it the perfect night time strain! Bentuangie is one of the few fermented strains of Kratom. This fermentation process causes the Alkaloid structure of this strain to actually change, which gives it some unique effects.

Like most Red Vein Kratom strains, Red Bentuangie has a high quantity of the sedating and analgesic main Alkaloid in Kratom – Mitragynine – while having very low levels of the energy giving Alkaloid 7-OH. When combined with the fermentation process, this is one of the more relaxing Red strains of Kratom in existence, and one of the very few strains we recommend as a sleep aid. While most Kratom is a stimulant, this fermented strain makes it one of the more popular Reds.


Bentuangie Kratom

Red Bentuangie Kratom Powder


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Red Bentuangie is one of the “slowest” forms of Kratom out there, due to it being a Red Vein that is fermented to change the molecular structure of the leaf.

As with most fermented strains, it is very relaxing. This makes it one of the few strains that we recommend before bed. Due to its origins as a Red Vein strain, it has strong analgesic and mood elevating properties.

When the Kratom leaves are harvested, they are placed into bags. The moisture in the leaves causes them to ferment. A chemical reaction occurs that causes the chemical bonds to be broken down and a metabolic adaptation occurs.

We offer Red Bentuangie in both powder and capsule forms.

The most similar strain to Red Bentuangie is Chocolate. Other slow Red Veins are Red Thai or Red Malay.

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