Protecting Kratom

Kratom has seen over the last several years, numerous direct attacks on it by the federal and local governments trying to either ban its import entirely or make it a scheduled drug equivalent to Heroine. This is absolute madness, so we are playing our part to help prevent this.

We want you to know and to understand that a portion of ALL sales is donated to the American Kratom Association (AKA) in order to fund and aid the protection of this wonderful plant. We encourage every one of our customers to support and donate to the AKA is possible, as we are hopelessly outgunned against big Pharma in America when it comes to lobbying dollars, but banded together we can win the fight against synthetic drugs and their lobbyists. 

The AKA is the leading organization advocating Kratom’s healthy use and its legality. If you would like to do your part and donate, please go here:


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