The Red Bubble Technique

What if there was a way to supercharge your Kratom? The Red Bubble Technique is reported by Kratom enthusiasts to do just that. So what exactly is the Red Bubble Technique and how can it save you money and improve your Kratom experience? 

You may have recently seen photos of people performing the red bubble technique on social media. It’s basically a photo of a frozen container of Kratom powder with a large red bubble in the middle. This technique is not only simple, but can easily be performed by anyone at home with terrific results. 

So Why Create the Red Bubble?

This technique is a game changer for your Kratom experience. This unique freezing method allows you to break your Kratom down to a molecular level releasing additional alkaloids, resulting in a much stronger version of your Kratom than you had to begin with and a much quicker onset of benefits. So as the Kratom is now more potent, less is needed each time you consume it, so your supply lasts longer and you save money. 

How to Create Red Bubble Kratom 

Supplies Needed

  • A vacuum seal freezer bag or glass mason jar
  • Kratom 
  • Lemon Juice or acid of choice (apple cider vinegar works well too)
  • Almost boiling water 
  • Sweetener of choice 
  • Freezer 


Scoop your desired amount of Kratom into your container of choice. Then mix in enough of the lemon juice or acid of choice that it turns into the consistency of pancake batter. Let mixture sit for roughly 10 minutes. Next, slowly add in an equal part of the almost boiling water. Then place combined mixture into freezer for at least 2 hours or until a red bubble appears. Next remove from the freezer and allow to thaw a bit turning it into a slushy type beverage. Mix in sweetener of choice, although the mixture will probably still be pretty bitter so you might want to use the toss and wash method here where you consume the concoction you have just made and immediately wash it down with the beverage of choice. Orange juice is a common choice. 

Many Kratom users swear by this technique and use it daily to improve their experience and save a little money as well. So it’s probably at least worth a try.

We hope this has helped explain the Red Bubble Technique. At Kingdom Kratom all of our products are sourced from within Indonesia and from verified farmers with whom we have worked to build strong relationships with over the years. All of our products are tested and packed here in the United States. Our team here at Kingdom Kratom are Kratom experts and are happy to field questions from newcomers and devotees alike. If you have any questions about Kratom or any other Kratom products please feel free to ask! Plus we offer sample packs available so you can try out new Kratom strains. 

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  1. RON WILLIS says:

    I use Kratom for chronic pain. I’ve heard of a Kratom called Red Dragon. Has anyone heard of this and where can it be ordered ?

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