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How to Make The Best Kratom Blends

If you are even the slightest bit familiar with the Kratom universe you probably know that there are three main Kratom color strain families- red vein, green vein and white vein and each possesses its own unique effects. But did you know that you can mix different color strains to provide a new unique experience? […]

The Best Kratom for Relaxation & Discomfort

With so many different and versatile Kratom strains out there it really helps for you to nail down the most important thing that you are trying to accomplish by taking Kratom. For those of you seeking an overall feeling of relaxation and comfort, here at Kingdom Kratom we offer plenty of strains that have been […]

Red Sumatra Kratom

We are currently living through one of the highest stress times of our lifetime. Navigating life through a pandemic can be excruciatingly stressful. We find ourselves seeking out refuge from anxiety caused by the overwhelming amount of negative news we see when we turn on our televisions and we find ourselves turning to anything we […]

White Dragon Kratom

So let’s talk about Kratom blends. Kratom blends are typically a combination of two or more complimentary Kratom strains, brought together to create a new and improved Kratom strain. One extremely sought after Kratom blend in the Kratom world is called White Dragon Kratom. So what exactly is it about this White Dragon that Kratom […]

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