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Red Sumatra Kratom

We are currently living through one of the highest stress times of our lifetime. Navigating life through a pandemic can be excruciatingly stressful. We find ourselves seeking out refuge from anxiety caused by the overwhelming amount of negative news we see when we turn on our televisions and we find ourselves turning to anything we […]

What is Green Thai Kratom

True Thai Kratom is the other name that has been given to this green vein strain of Kratom that is strangely enough not grown in Thailand, but instead named for the strain’s similarities to Thai culture. Green vein Kratom lovers flock to Kratom vendors who carry this unique Green Strain commonly referred to as Green […]

White Dragon Kratom

So let’s talk about Kratom blends. Kratom blends are typically a combination of two or more complimentary Kratom strains, brought together to create a new and improved Kratom strain. One extremely sought after Kratom blend in the Kratom world is called White Dragon Kratom. So what exactly is it about this White Dragon that Kratom […]

White Thai Kratom

So you’re kind of over it, the waiting in long lines every single morning in the drive through at hour local coffee shop, only for them get your order wrong. I mean what is they accidentally give you decaf?! So you are looking for an alternative to start your day. One that will still give […]

Green Vietnam Kratom

Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa is a tropical evergreen tree of the coffee plant family and is native to Southeast Asia. Green Vietnam Kratom is a green vein strain of Kratom and is considered to be extremely rare in the Kratom universe. Contrary to its name Green Vietnam is not grown in Vietnam at all, but […]

Kingdom Rewards

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