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Green Horn

Green Horn Kratom is one of our favorite Green Strains here at Kingdom!  Horned Kratom has been blowing up in popularity over the last few years due to its unique strength properties and its usefulness as one of your go-to Strains. “Horn” Kratom actually describes the unique shape of the leaf. Most Kratom leaves look about the same, although Horn Kratom has distinct “Horns” or spikes on the edges of the leaf.

Locals say that the Horns make it significantly stronger. Green Horn is known for having elevated levels of the two main Alkaloids in Kratom – Mitragynine and 7-OH. The combination of these two in high amounts means it provides both mood elevating and analgesic effects, while being a very potent source of energy. With this combo, its clear why Green Horn has developed a huge following in recent years.

It is taken as an all-day Kratom that is great anytime other than in the evening. Many like its effects when there’s an especially long day ahead or before a workout. This is one of the strains we recommend the most – We don’t think you can go wrong!


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Green Horn is one of our favorite Strains. It is a great Strain whether you are new or experienced, and is one of the ones we recommend the most!

Due to the high levels of the two main Alkaloids in Kratom – Mitragynine and 7-OH – It is great for a strong energy and focus boost, while having analgesic properties and mood elevation.

They actually do! This Strain is known for its very distinct spikes or “Horns” on the outside edges of the leaf. It is one of the few Strains that has a significantly different looking leaf.

We have Green Horn in both Powder and Capsule forms.

The most similar Strains to Green Horn are White Horn, Green Maeng Da and Super Green!

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