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Freezing Kratom

Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa is quickly becoming one of the most sought after natural alternatives to traditional western medicine for a long list of ailments. And much like anything else we consume, Kratom has a shelf life. As an organic compound the typical length of time you have before your Kratom begins to lose its potency […]

How to Pronounce Kratom

If you are like most of the Kratom world you do not possess a ton of confidence when attempting to pronounce the word Kratom. Then there are times when you feel absolutely confident in your chosen pronunciation until of course you come across another individual who confidently pronounces it completely different. So with all of […]

Akuamma Vs Kratom


As more and more individuals have become seekers of natural alternatives to western medicine, two of the natural options that have really stood out and grown in popularity are Kratom and Akuamma. So what exactly are they and what are the differences between the two?  What is Akuamma? Akuamma also known as Vincamajordine or Picralima […]

Grapefruit Juice as a Kratom Potentiator

Kratom and Potentiators¬† Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa is a tropical evergreen tree grown in Southeast Asia and is in the coffee plant family. It is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after natural supplements with a laundry list of benefits that vary from strain to stain. From the green vein strains to the red […]

Kingdom Rewards