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What are the Different Types of Kratom

What exactly are the different types of Kratom? “Kratom” does not actually refer to one product. Rather, kratom as we know it is a collection of different veins and strains derived from the plant Mitragyna Speciosa, which is native to Indonesia and other parts of southeast Asia. There are many unique variants of kratom, and […]

Where to find the Best Kratom Capsules

Both newcomers to kratom and long-time fans of the product often appreciate the many benefits that kratom capsules provide. Kratom capsules are small, easy to transport, and, best of all, they don’t require any of the measuring or maintenance associated with kratom powder. (And they don’t have any taste either.) Kratom capsules are very convenient, […]

Kratom & Coronavirus – How we are dealing with the Stay At Home Orders

This is an update to our previous post: Coronavirus and Kratom Update Hello all!  I hope you are all getting everything taken care of in this trying time. Many states have issues “Stay at home” orders, affecting numerous businesses. I have some good news and some bad news. At midnight tonight, a Stay order will go […]

An update on the Coronavirus and Kratom situation

It is clear from how other countries have responded and some of the initial responses in the major cities in the US that we are probably headed for a major period of quarantine. While we do at this time not expect the post office to shut down as they deliver many necessities, it is seriously likely that we will be required to quarantine and not be able to operate this business as it is not seen as a “necessity”.

What is the Best White Kratom Strain?

While many people may think of kratom as a singular product, the reality is that there are several distinct veins of kratom that each have their own unique properties. In general, the three most common and popular kratom veins are red, green, and white. Today, we’ll be focusing on white strains in particular. If you’ve […]

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