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Can You Take Kratom for Anxiety?

kratom for anxiety
Anxiety is a condition that can affect anyone at any point in their life. In fact, anxiety and its related disorders are the most common forms of m...

Where to find the Best Kratom Capsules

kratom capsules
Both newcomers to kratom and long-time fans of the product often appreciate the many benefits that kratom capsules provide. Kratom capsules are sma...

What are the Different Types of Kratom

types of kratom
“Kratom” does not actually refer to one product. Rather, kratom as we know it is a collection of different veins and strains derived from the pl...

4 Tips for Choosing the Best Kratom Vendor

best kratom vendor
Millions of Americans already use kratom on a regular basis. Still, millions more have heard of kratom, but want to learn more about it before they...

5 Facts About Green Leaf Kratom

green leaf kratom
Part of what makes kratom so exciting is that more and more strains are hitting the market all the time. Indeed, kratom producers have become qui...

What is the Strongest Kratom You Can Buy?

strongest kratom
Many of our fans enjoy experimenting with different varieties, veins, and strains of kratom. Perhaps unsurprisingly, we get a lot of questions abou...

Should You Take Kratom for Energy?

kratom for energy
  Who wouldn’t want to have more energy, be more productive, and feel more focused every day? Of course, any supplement that purports to deliver...

Kratom Experiences 101

kratom experiences
Trying something new can be scary; it can also be exhilarating. Because kratom is a relatively new product, many consumers may wonder about its eff...

Kratom & Coronavirus - How we are dealing with the Stay At Home Orders

Kratom & Coronavirus - How we are dealing with the Stay At Home Orders
This is an update to our previous post: Coronavirus and Kratom Update Hello all! I hope you are all getting everything taken care of in this tryi...

An update on the Coronavirus and Kratom situation

An update on the Coronavirus and Kratom situation
It is clear from how other countries have responded and some of the initial responses in the major cities in the US that we are probably headed for a major period of quarantine. While we do at this time not expect the post office to shut down as they deliver many necessities, it is seriously likely that we will be required to quarantine and not be able to operate this business as it is not seen as a "necessity".

Coronavirus and Kratom

Coronavirus and Kratom
We at Kingdom Kratom take the health and safety of all of our customers and employees very seriously. While the Coronavirus epidemic is a challengi...

What is Yellow Kratom?

what is yellow kratom
Contrary to popular belief, yellow kratom isn’t a rare natural kratom leaf. Rather, yellow kratom is created as a result of a fermentation process that takes about two days to complete. This fermentation causes the leaf stem to turn yellow. That isn’t the only thing that sets yellow kratom apart, though. Here, we’ll explain everything else you need to know about this exciting new product: 
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