Kratom & Coronavirus – How we are dealing with the Stay At Home Orders


24 Mar, 20200

Kratom & Coronavirus – How we are dealing with the Stay At Home Orders

This is an update to our previous post: Coronavirus and Kratom Update

Hello all! 

I hope you are all getting everything taken care of in this trying time. Many states have issues “Stay at home” orders, affecting numerous businesses. I have some good news and some bad news. At midnight tonight, a Stay order will go into effect in San Antonio, where we are headquartered. This is going to force numerous businesses to stop working, however at this time we are still able to operate. We have been following all CDC recommended guidelines on how to operate a business in this current environment, and according to the Stay Order, we should still be able to operate! 

The good news is we are still able to operate and ship your products! The bad news is that in most places these initial Stay Orders are typically followed up by more aggressive shut downs that would likely result in us not being allowed to operate. While this is not for certain, it seems most cities/countries that are further along with the Coronavirus and have had more cases increase their lockdown of businesses as it gets more serious. With that in mind, for those that have a need to have access to Kratom, we recommend you have at least a 3-4 week supply. Some countries shut down for longer but it does seem like the US is wanting to get back to business as usual faster than other countries, although that could change.

Most of the stores that we sell Kratom to are shutting down temporarily, so your ability to go to the smoke shop to buy some emergency Kratom could very likely get diminished. Hopefully things don’t keep progressing, but if they do we recommend you plan ahead. 

We are extending our sale to let you stock up if needed, its currently 28% off everything with the code: stockup

Stay safe and if you need anything at all please reach out!



0 thoughts on “Kratom & Coronavirus – How we are dealing with the Stay At Home Orders

  1. Victoria says:

    I just ordered my 2nd shipment from your company today. I LOVE the great customer service and the fact that you guys are having a stock up sale shows me you care about your clients not just the money. Super happy I found you guys!
    God Bless
    Stay healthy!!

  2. Kathleen says:

    Thank you, once again, for shipping a superior product. I have come back again and again for that and your great customer service! Thank you!

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