What Does Kratom Feel Like?

Kratom is known for its powerful medicinal properties. Kratom produces various effects based on the vein, the amount taken, and other individual factors. If you’re new to Kratom, you might want a deeper understanding of what it feels like before you embark on your Kratom journey.  In this article, you’ll learn: What is Kratom like? […]

Kratom vs. Kava

​​If you’ve heard of Kratom, you’ve probably also heard of Kava, and you may be wondering what the difference is between the two. Kratom and Kava have been consumed for centuries and are often used interchangeably or confused with one another. However, while they have similarities in their appearance and some of their effects, they […]

What is Kratom & How Does it Work?

With the ever-growing interest in alternative therapies, many people are turning to natural remedies to help them cope with the stresses of everyday life. One such alternative that has been widely used in Southeast Asia for centuries is Kratom. Here is everything you need to know about Kratom use. In this article, you’ll learn: What […]

FDA Pressuring World Health Organization To Ban Kratom

***8/7/2021 UPDATE BELOW*** The FDA in its constant search for ways to ban Kratom has taken a new dangerous tact, by attempting to pressure the World Health Organization (WHO) to ban Kratom internationally, along with a list of other substances. While they have been beaten back at every turn in the US by Kratom advocates […]

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