An update on the Coronavirus and Kratom situation


16 Mar, 20200

An update on the Coronavirus and Kratom situation

This is an update to our previous post: Coronavirus and Kratom

UPDATE 3/20/2020:

We are maintaining our current status of shipping. Certain

We have seen Fedex “embargo” packages going into “Shelter in place” zones such as Northern California, which means that they are checking packages going out to ensure they are an “essential” item, which is causing delays. As of now, we have not heard that USPS and UPS will do the same. We will continue to update you based on what information we receive and how that may impact your deliveries. Currently we are shipping as normal, and have increased staff in order to get packages out on our normal schedule. Keep strong and Kratom on!

Original article:

As you all know, the Coronavirus Pandemic has taken hold and is leading to some serious changes In our daily life, and many more to come soon. As always, we recommend you listen to any updates and follow what the CDC says regarding best practices and how you can help stop the spread. 

It is clear from how other countries have responded and some of the initial responses in the major cities in the US that we are probably headed for a major period of quarantine. Here is an article detailing the measures that are going into place in the San Francisco area today. 

While we do at this time not expect the post office to shut down as they deliver many necessities, it is seriously likely that we will be required to quarantine and not be able to operate this business as it is not seen as a “necessity”. I want to be clear that this is not a guarantee, but I have close relatives in other countries where all non-essential business has been shut down and we seem to be following the same path, just 7-10 days behind. While we absolutely plan on continuing to operate until they force us to shut the doors, this could happen any time in the next 3-10 days. 

As far as how long a quarantine may last, it could be anywhere from 2-4+ weeks. If you depend on Kratom for anything more than recreation we do recommend you take this into consideration and stock up, as we can’t help you if we aren’t allowed to conduct business. We have cut our prices by 28% in order to help with this. Use the code: stockup 

These are strange times indeed. I hope all of you takes heed of the warnings and help practice “social distancing” so we as a country can get past this and move on. If you have any questions feel free to text me directly at 5203602141. We are also available at the chat but please be ok with a slower-than-normal response as we are SLAMMED.

Thank you for being a great customer and stay safe,


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  1. Beverly Bell says:

    Thank you for your valuable advice. The discount is very kind, especially during these trying times for small businesses. Stay safe.

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